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  1. L

    iPhone Cannot Enter DFU/Recovery Mode After Erase All Content and Settings

    My friend gave her old iPhone 3GS 32GB to me and I was anxious to use it, I was charging it like 2-3 hours and then, it works 100% fine but just kind of looks old since it was never used like for 3 years and got stored in a drybox. The device was jailbroken since it had a Cydia app but since I...
  2. J

    Running a DMG file from Terminal

    I have my mac booted up in recovery mode and instead of installing El Capitan, i'm trying to install Yosemite Combo from a USB stick, I have mounted the Yosemite image from the USB in disk utility, now I just need to run it so it installs, any idea how I can go about this? Thanks