restarting continuously

  1. Ben777

    iMac (OS High Sierra 10.13.3) keeps restarting few times per day

    I couldn't find any decent answer on internet on this one. My iMac (25 inch, late 2012) keeps restarting on its own. This is annoying, especially if you are in the middle of working. Does anyone know the reason? Thanks! :)
  2. pangko

    Macbook Restart Continuously because of a problem

    Hello everyone, I just upgraded my macbook pro 15" early 2011, last week to El Capitan. Ever since upgrading, I never shut down the computer for a week (all i do is closing the monitor). Yesterday, I decided to shutdown the macbook to let it rest. But as it shut down, the computer freeze and I...
  3. TheTom9

    Can i Ask Apple for an iMac swap instead of service?

    A little strange question. 4 months ago i bought my dream iMac, the most expensive version they sell on the online store, it had a huge spot where colour was bleeding, by huge i mean a size of 2 apples, i just wanted to have an iMac so i didn't care much about it. Then some of the letters on...
  4. richtercamden

    iPhone Resetting Jailbroken iPhone 5C

    I think I'm screwed. I jailbroke my iPhone 5C late 2015, and it had worked fine until recently. I'm not sure what went wrong. As I said above though, I'm pretty sure I'm done for, and I'm worried. My Phone was restarting randomly, so I decided to restore a backup from iTunes. This went...
  5. P

    Why does my 2009 Imac 27in keeps restarting on it own?

    Hello Everyone, So this weekend I attempted to turn on my Imac and I was able to use it for about 5 minutes then out of no where it just simply restarted on its own. Now every time I try to turn it on it just keeps going in a cycle of restarting itself. At one point I did leave the Imac alone...
  6. P

    External Hard Drive Resetting Mac

    Hey, So, a few weeks ago I was using Time Machine to backup my mac. During the process it got stuck -- maybe it didn't, maybe it was just taking longer than usual. Anyway, I stopped it, tried to delete the backup and do it again. As I moved the backup to the trash, it reset my mac. I waited...