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  1. purdnost

    Missing Subtasks in Reminders: Seeking Solutions

    Upon noticing the absence of subtasks in several of my Reminders sublists recently, I observed that this issue seemed arbitrary, occurring alongside fully intact sublists. Since these are recurring reminders, I typically only review them when prompted, making it challenging to pinpoint when the...
  2. C

    iPod Ipod classic memory dropped after restore

    6 years ago I had my 160gb ipod classic 6th/7th gen upgraded to 500gb ssd. Worked fine untill last week when the screen displayed sad face and cross and instructed to connect to itunes and restore, first ever time. I was not running Rockbox and instead the logic board was changed during the...
  3. Dt990

    Mac OS X 10.2.3 for FW800 MDD PowerMac G4?

    Hey all, trying to track down some way to get 10.2.x bootable on my MDD FW800, I found on, " 691 4309 A,Power Mac G4. Software Install and Restore. Mac OS v10.2.3 Disc v1.1 2003 (DVD) " but it's clearly from a Power Mac G4 MDD (not FW800) as it has on the DVD OS 9 installation files...
  4. blackxacto

    How to restore an iTunes library in SONOMA from external backup?

    19,1 iMac and Sonoma with external SSD backup: THERE IS NO .itl file. I deleted accidentally several albums I have purchased elsewhere by not watching what I was selecting. Every time I try to restore my library to the state before the deletion, it resumes the deleted state. I can find no way...
  5. M

    iOS 17: MDM Restore from Backup unknown user/password

    I'm currently experiencing a problem when restoring an iOS 17 Beta 6 ICloud Backup to a new device. The old device has MDM installed which is no problem. The new device shows a screen after restoring the backup to register a new device. When I click it it just shows a message that the...
  6. FancyApple

    iPod iPod classic 5g restore

    Help, today I bought an iPod Classic 5g from Tianguis (yes, I'm from Mexico) and wanted to delete all (pirate) songs and other things from the previous owner, I erased the disk, but when restored it says that I need a firewire cable, and iTunes hangs when restoring. I don't have any Firewire...
  7. TheSynchronizer

    iPhone storage much more occupied after iphone to iphone data transfer

    Hello, So here is something i’m dealing with right now. I set up a new iphone and opted to transfer everything from the previous one directly, iPhone to iPhone. Now the new iPhone is showing much more space being taken up than the old one. How is this possible? Should I do the restore again?
  8. D

    Backing up and restoring individual apps

    I am looking for suggestions for a backup service either Apple or some other that allows you to backup and restore individual apps? To my knowledge iCloud does not do this. I don’t care if I have to pay for it either. There has been several instances where I have had Apple Genius Bar...
  9. B

    Stuck in Booting Loop

    I am on iPhone 13, iOS 16.3.1 (fresh out or warranty). I noticed my iPhone started rebooting by itself this morning, and when rebooting, the phone would stay stuck in a rebooting loop for a min or two (going through 6 or 7 reboots) before fully booting up. I looked at the Analytic logs and found...
  10. A

    Apple Refurbished MBA Crashed During Reset - Now has Activation Lock?

    I just upgraded to a new M2 Max MBP 14". I have an old 2020 MBA and a 2018 15" MBP, both of which were purchased refurbished from Apple's online store. I'm planning to restore both old MacBooks to sell. I was able to turn off Find My/Activation Lock and fully reset the 2018 MBP without any...
  11. Monika_B

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Restoring iPhone from backup - question

    Hello, I got just one question: I was having troubles with notifications so I decided to restore my backup throught iTunes where I remembered it worked. Well I restored one month old backup and found out the notifications for YouTube and Netflix still don't work so I decided to go back to my...
  12. M

    iPad Air I need a miracle to reset my Ipad to factory settings: I don't remember my apple password, find my phone is activated and Itunes won't let me reset...

    Hi all, I really need your help, I think I have tried everything, read every solution and watched hundreds of videos but no solution works... Is it just me or has this never happened before? Please bear with me, this might be long but I wan't to explain everything I did. I got a new ipad air...
  13. AppleWatchPunk

    Restore sans data

    So due to the music sync issue to the Apple Watch I want to remove all the music from the watch, a normal backup/restore restores the music (which I don’t want ;-} Music is not showing in the Apple Watch > Music. Thread about this;
  14. N

    Method to harvest "Blocked Sender" list

    I'm in the process of setting up a new Mac without Migration Assistant. I've been looking for a method to locate the email addresses I've added to Apple Mail's Blocked Senders list so I can back them up and then restore on the new Mac.🤞 Unfortunately, the luxurious feature to export or copy...
  15. J

    Really need help with Iphone XS Boot loop.

    So i have iphone XS and i updated ios to 16.1.1 and everything seemed fine. Then the next day my internet wasnt working like if there wasnt wifi/mobile data module in the phone. So i restarted it and it got in boot loop. I tried all the solutions in YouTube. I got in recovery mode and tried to...
  16. purdnost

    Apple Photos Library - 200K Photos Gone

    I’ve been importing thousands of photos and videos into a new Photos library on my HDD. Due to slowness, I decided to move the library to a SSD. I stopped the transfer of any media, then attempted to eject the HDD. It wouldn’t eject, so I force ejected it through macOS. I plugged it back in and...
  17. Z

    TimeMachine restore on a diff OS

    When one has a TM backup from a HighSierra iMac and the iMac breaks down and is not worth to be servicable, can i restore the backup to a newer Mac, with a different and newer OS?
  18. I

    When should I start backing up and restoring my 77Gb WhatsApp chat from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business?

    Hey, I want to move my WhatsApp chat from normal WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business. I have 77Gb of Whatsapp data ( I use it for business and other purposes for over 10 years and I send/receive a lot of videos and photos). I am in Dubai right now, my internet speed is 470Mb down/230Mb up. My iPhone...
  19. Yeetus

    iPhone 14 Pro Max [14 Pro/Max] To those facing battery issues, what restore method did you use?

    Just trying to figure out a link here. Battery issues refer to quicker than expected drain. Feel free to comment on your exact figures and settings (AOD, background refresh etc.) below.
  20. IndianaSxS

    Do photos transfer to new phone upon switch or just stay in iCloud.

    I know if I delete a photo on my iPhone it also deletes it from the cloud. When I get the new iPhone 14 pro and turn it on and tell it to go from a backup from the iCloud on my old phone does it also copy every single photo from the last iPhone to the new iPhone or does it just have them in the...