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retina macbook

  1. 4sallypat

    2015 Retina Macbook - shuts down and restarts difficult - is this a known issue ?

    So my 4 year old rMB 12" (CTO/BTO) started to shut down after logging in. Opening the display, the login icon shows, I enter password and then shuts down. I try to restart it, but a normal press of the power button does not start. I have to press the power button down for 10 seconds and then...

    Battery deterioration on my 17' MB12..

    So my cycle count is nearing 2/3s of the 1k count mark and has been experiencing battery issues, when this mac was new I would typically get around 9 hours out of a charge and now it's less than half of that. My Mac is claiming the battery condition is normal. Is such a lull in battery life...

    Smaller MacBook?

    I love the idea of an 11" MacBook or perhaps an unprecedented sub-11" device, compact notebook nirvana. Is anyone else interested in such a product? Another thought I have is replacing the headphone jack with a second usb-c port.
  4. navaira

    rMB 2016 crashes right after wake – anyone else?

    rMB 2016, m5/512, High Sierra 10.13.4, did a fresh install two months ago. The Macbook has been doing this every now and then before the reinstall, but now it got to the point where it does it a few times in a row. When I close the lid, then reopen it, after a few seconds (not immediately) the...
  5. b13o0r12e3

    Want that iPhone X? You may want to take a second thought...

    So I'm tempted to burn that hole and stump up for the X, until I saw this monstrosity... Sure, it ain't aesthetically pleasing. But think about it, the Retina MacBook got passed from the 15" to 13", as well as the iMac...
  6. Queen6

    Huawei - MateBook X

    Some background my notebook's are employed professionally in an engineering/business roles, rotating them out every 24 months. As my 2015 12" Retina MacBook (rMB) has just hit the 2 year, here's my ramblings and comparisons with my new Huawei MateBook X. Very clearly Huawei has put a great deal...
  7. mohitjain1112

    Regarding macbook pro not turning on after smc reset

    Hii i have purchased an used retina late 2013 15 inch macbook from an unknown individual macbook is in extended warranty because of this i have purchased it without much checking but after using it for one month i feel there is an problem of noisy fan at that time mac is in warranty so i have...
  8. P

    Apple Care for 2016 12" MacBook - Worth It?

    Well I can't believe I almost have my 2016 12" MacBook a year already. Clock is ticking to make a decision on Apple Care. From your experience, is it worth it? I'd be paying $349 NZD for 2 more years of warranty. It's a good safety net to have I guess, but then it doesn't cover accidental...
  9. D

    Case Recommendations?

    I'm looking for a good case to protect my space grey rMB but they don't seem to have them in stock anywhere (Best Buy, Apple Store, etc.) except for the clear Speck case (too bulky and that gloss scratches pretty fast). I've been browsing online and am eyeing either the Moshi iGlaze or the...
  10. B

    Removing butterfly clip from rMB

    Does anyone know how to remove the butterfly mechanism clip from the rMB keyboard? My ESC key cap popped off and broke a clip on the mechanism and so I need to replace it. If I go to the Apple Store would they replace it for free?
  11. P

    rMB 2016 benchmarks question

    So I finally did what I've been wanting to do for the past year.. I sold my 4 years old but very loved 15" rMBP (mid 2012) and bought the new 12" rMB (early 2016) with M5 processor and 512 GB RAM. And it has been great so far! I really love the new MacBook in every aspect and does not feel that...
  12. findingmenno

    My Retina Macbook Pro - worst computer and support I ever had...

    Hi everybody, I have been reading this forums as a guest occasionally when I was looking for tips and advice on anything related to Apple and macs. I wish my first post here would have been a more positive one, but sadly it is one of frustration and crying out for help. You are welcome to...
  13. E

    Which macbook pro graphics card? iris or iris with radeon for lightroom and photoshop

    Which macbook pro graphics card? iris or iris with radeon for lightroom and photoshop and maybe at some point video but who knows? Do i need to drop 800 more on the one with the radeon? I do not play games. Does anyone have specs on benchmarks on the two or have any more info about them? I just...
  14. S

    rMacBook 2016 - build quality issues

    This year's MacBooks are out for about a month and I already got the third device delivered. Why so? MacBook 1: the foot on the right front was slightly above ground when the MacBook was sitting on a flat service. The MacBook was therefore wobbly. To me it seemed like this effect was the...
  15. dolphin2421

    Prepping my RMB for Resale

    What's the best way to prep my RMB SSD for resale? I want to securely erase my data and have read some differing recommendations involving FileVault, etc. Thanks! --jag
  16. TheRealTVGuy

    Retina MacBook Review

    After a month of using Apple’s Retina MacBook, I’m finally able to offer a well thought out review. Full disclosure: I’ve been an Apple user and fan most of my life. From using Apple IIs in elementary school and using Power Mac G4s to edit video in high school, to editing professional audio...