ribbon cable

  1. B

    MBP HD Ribbon Cable damage SSD?

    Hello everyone, I'm wanting to test the HD ribbon cable in my 13" 2010 MBP but I'm worried that it could actually damage the SSD I just purchased. The previous one was not that old and barely used yet it went bad after trying to install High Sierra onto it using this computer. How likely is it...
  2. N

    Keyboard - Ribbon Cable 2013 MacBook air anyone?

    I replaced the touchpad on my Mid 2013 MacBook Air and in the process messed up my touchpad to keyboard cable. It's a kind of unusual cable which folds in on itself making installation tricky. There are two cables coming off the touchpad. This is the wider of the two and I can't find it anywhere...
  3. MrAverigeUser

    A very good Video about ribbon cable issues….

    Instead of posting the url again and again for people having issues with it, I will post this here with the tags needed to automatically find it. Hope this is ok for the moderators. If not, just delete the Thread. (Disclaimer: I am neither the author of the video nor someone near to him. I just...