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  1. I

    Shortcut (or APP) for a missed call reminder

    Hi there, as I am missing a lot of calls (just bcuz my iPhone just doesn't ring) I want to make sure I get at least notification. Is there any way? Shortcut or APP? I miss approximately every third call as my display turns on but no sound coming out. I've spent days and weeks trying to figure...
  2. Monika_B

    iPhone (14 pro max) doesn’t ring when apps are open

    As title says, my iPhone will not ring when certain apps are open. I made a lot of test to find the culprit but I ended up uninstalling them all. When I have only Apple native apps, my iPhone rings well. If I start downloading any new apps (from app store), my iPhone will stop ringing on...
  3. I

    iPhone (14 PM) ringtone cutting off after 2 seconds

    I have a curious problem that I have been dealing with for two years now... Sometimes my iPhone rings for about 2 second and then goes completelly silent. You see a screen somebody is calling but there is no sound coming out of iPhone. The ringtone cut off after 2 seconds itself (turning off...
  4. !!!

    iPhone How to change ringtone volume on iOS 13?

    Whenever I use the volume buttons, it always defaults to my music volume, which I don't want. Is there seriously no way to change it? I had it at zero before the update and now I can't change it.
  5. Racineur

    iPhone Still stuck with the ringtone bug

    Hello to you all. Not a new issue but I was wondering if after all that time someone came up with a solution for this bug. In a nutshell, ringtone selected for a phone call always revert to Default when a call enters. Spent 6 hours on the Net searching for a solution. Tried the 10 most...
  6. lsatterfield

    iPhone Sending Ringtones Made in Garageband

    Hey folks, The ringtone making process for iOS11 and iPhone is frustrating, but I was able to create one in Garageband. It works on my iPhone, but I also want to be able to send it to other people to use on their Apple and Android phones. How can I do this easily? There is no option to send a...
  7. EricaV

    iPhone 8/Plus How to use a song for ringtone on Iphone 8 ?

    I hate to admit how upset I am that iphone 8 allows no easy option to use a song as a ringtone or alarm tone. I know it's just a ring tone, but I don't like change that is forced upon me. I really really really don't want to use canned ring tones or buy ringtones from Apple. I want to use...
  8. cosmic68

    iPhone X reflection ringtone volume.

    Hi, When my iPhone rings (I’m using the new X ringtone, reflection), if it’s propped up on my desk in its holder, the ringtone volume is really low. When iPhone is flat, it’s loud. If I raise iPhone mid ring, it goes low again. Is this a feature? I upgraded to the iPhone X from a iPhone 6 Plus...
  9. B

    Default Ringtone always plays

    Hello, The other day after upgrading to ios 11 my iphone 7 plus always plays the default ringtone when receiving a call. If I go into the settings the correct ringtone is checked but the default still play when a call comes in. Most of my ringtones I put on the phone myself a long time ago...
  10. Phil in ocala

    iphone 5C ring tone confused

    I put in a special ringtone....some times the standard rings then switches to my special ring tone. Is there anyway to delete all the ring tones EXCEPT my special ring tone so this will not happen??
  11. brunozp

    Iphone custom notification sound

    Hi, I'm already using custom ringtone created from mp3 file. Convert to AAC and rename the m4a file to m4r. But I can't find a way to create notifications sound from mp3, is it possible? If so how can I do it? Thanks
  12. K

    Universal FREE app that let you download any YouTube video

    Easy Ringtone let you download any video from YouTube/Facebook/XXX or any other website... You can also convert it to audio and make ringtones... Try it for FREE
  13. Phil in ocala

    How do I add ringtone...Verizon&AT&T don't know

    I have a ring tone I downloaded and put in itunes (using my mac)...I want it to be my ring tone on Apple iPhone C Went to Verizon store and AT&T....was told they had no clue how to do and there is NO apple store anywhere near me. Can any tell me a simple way to accomplish this...please dont...