s3 watch

  1. honglong1976

    Watch OS 6 - Series 3 - How is it?

    Hi everyone, WatchOS6 looks great! Anyone with a S3 model, are their any new watch faces? how is it? thanks :)
  2. H

    Apple music stops working....

    I've posted on this before but can't find my original post. When I'm working out, I use the apple music app. I have my workout playlist downloaded to the watch (s3). However, almost without fail, when one song ends, the next plays 2 seconds then just stops. I press play in the app again, but...
  3. M

    Apple Watch Achievement Badges Missing After Re-Pairing

    Anyone else have an issue where achievement badges were lost after un-pairing and re-pairing their watch to their iPhone? All of the health data are intact and transferred over, but most (not all) earned badges are gone, including the special Thanksgiving 5K badge (though the Turkey Trot...
  4. sbkevinmichael

    Apple Watch S3/T-Mobile Preorder

    Has anyone got any info on how T-Mobile is handling Apple Watch preorders? All I've seen is that we're carrying 38mm and 42mm cellular Haven't seen any price details