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  1. Del Rei

    Safari: How to stop asking for current location FOR GOOD??

    Hi, guys. This is really annoying me. Every time I access some sites there is this message asking to use my current location... And the only option is "Remember my decision for one day". Every day this message appears... The box "Ask websites not to track me" is checked and nothing helps...
  2. 2

    Blocking ads on YouTube and systemwide

    Is there an app that will block ads, preferably system wide at the DNS level on the iPhone/iPad? I find it extremely annoying to see them when browsing websites through Safari and using the YouTube app to watch videos. It ruins the experience for me when seeing ads and commercials all over the...
  3. E

    Can anyone tell me if this safari graphical glitch is in the new MacOS?

    :apple: How to recreate: -fullscreen safari -fullscreen a youtube video -un-fullscreen the video I'm hoping the video doesn't glitch to the desktop and then jump to the on a separate space. If it does do this please please make a quick report (use I think?) so they can...
  4. T

    Safari's tabs overlap on Touch Bar

    Hi all, I'm having a very annoying problem. Safari's tabs that are already closed keeps showing and overlaps currently opened tabs on the Touch Bar. And it seems like there is no way to get rid of this. Quitting Safari makes it disappear but just for a while, it just keeps coming back. Is...
  5. L

    Cant see safari tabs from other devices

    Hi, I can't see the safari tabs i have open on my other apple devices. Any ideas why? I used to be able to. Thanks
  6. C

    iOS 11 bugs...

    So I have 2 unique iOS 11 bugs on my iPhone 7. I just wanted to see if anyone else is having these same issues or could offer any suggestions. My first issue is with safari. Basically anytime I “search” using the address bar (google) the results take forever to load on both Verizon LTE or my...
  7. V

    Macbook air crashes when playing youtube video

    Recently I have a problem.Sometimes(randomly) my macbook air 2015 crashes when I turn a youtube video 1080p in safari.System being totally unresponsible.Only restart by clicking power button helps.In other cases(simple browsing,playing videos in players), working in apps crashes do not...
  8. JacksonCraig94

    Twitter Multiple Accounts Using Safari?

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can switch between multiple Twitter accounts using Safari? I know you can do it on the iOS Twitter app but I'm wanting to use Safari.