1. H

    Mac Create and monitor virtual serial port

    I got a piece of code written in Python that interacts with different devices through a serial port connection. I usually run in on a Raspberry Pi (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0 port) or PC (e.g. COM0 port). Currently, I don't have access to these devices, but need to debug the code and only got my MacBook...
  2. C

    Help changing a serial number on a Macook Pro (please read first)

    Hello, My name is Cris and I read this forum for a long time, but now it's the first time I'm asking for help. My problem is the following: A couple of months ago I bought a Macbook pro mid 2015 from a second hand electronics retailer, and when I bought it I only checked the serial number on...
  3. Sovon Halder

    Apple Silicone Case - iPhone 8. Is this Original or Fake ?

    Amazon India (2400INR -or- 35$) The box arrived open; where the back (paper) has completely fallen off the plastic shell. I didn't mind but then this... 1. It's G5KVDDNYJ7JM (etched in case) vs. G66VD2CFJ7JM (printed underneath barcode) 2. There is somewhat noticeable gap between the logo...
  4. I

    iPhone XS Max XS max serial number

    Hello, I am about to receive my iPhone Xs max on Tuesday and super excited about it! I can see that from the invoice the serial number starts with FF and I was curious to know the manufacturing week as I was reading up on yellow tint issue and some suggest displays from week 38 seems good but...
  5. T

    Tweak to Make Fake iPhone ID (serial, IMEI, ICCID, etc) for apps

    Hi, I use an iPhone SE / iOS 11.2.6 with Electra jailbreak. Do you know if there is a cydia tweak / package to make a fake iPhone IDs (serial, IMEI, ads id, etc...) or change them ? Thanks
  6. D

    Mac USB-Serial programming

    Hi everyone, I'm currently stuck in a problem. I'm using a computer-controlled power source in order to supply current to some coils. The issue starts with the computer. For Windows there are drivers that solve it, but none for Mac nor Ubuntu/Linux. The source connects via USB port and is...
  7. H

    Issues connecting to Promise Vtrak via Serial Port

    Hi there, Hoping for any assistance. We lost our Promise RJ11 to DB9 cable so purchased a new one off eBay, when trying to connect either directly into Xserve or attached to a DB9 to USB into a Mac Pro we are unable to type in Terminal, iTerm, Zterm or Serial (Serial does get to the username...