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    Watch os 5 is not showing..

    Dear Friends, I have latest os (12) installed in my iPhone. But when I try to update my Apple Watch os it shows there is no update for my watch, current version is 4.3.2. Can some one help me how to fix this.

    Apple Watch series 1- Mac Pro 2012 - will Auto Unlock work?

    Hi, I have Apple Mac Pro 2012 and Apple Watch series 1. Auto Unlock feature when we bring Apple Watch closer to Mac is missing. I googled and I found it works after 2013 model only. Is there any way that it can work.
  3. M

    First post: Is Watch OS 5 GM worth it on Series 1?

    Hey guys! Just so you know, I’ve been an avid reader of MacRumors and its forums for several years but have just signed up in order to make the question that is looming in my head. I tried to look for a post with my question but only found opinions based on the firsts betas. Could someone...
  4. F

    Apple Watch Series 1 Resale Value?

    I currently have a 42mm space gray Series 1 Apple Watch. I desperately want a series 4 but I want to sell mine on eBay first. How much do you think I could get for it. It’s fully functional except for the rubber gasket in the crown came out so it might not be water proof anymore. Also the screen...
  5. D

    Digital Crown has more of a 'click' on new Series 3 than on Series 2?

    I've been using my new Series 3 for a few days now, and one of the first things I noticed was that the Digital Crown seems to have more of a distinct 'click' than my Series 2 (SS) or what I remember of my Series 0 (Sport). Is this the case for all Series 3 watches, or did I get lucky?
  6. chadgio

    Help with Activity

    So I bought myself and my wife two brand new series 1’s last week because of the Walmart sale. Mine is 42 and hers is 38. Updated to the newest software and got it all synced up with our phones. I’m running a 6s+ and she’s on a 8+. We have been using the activity to track each other the last few...
  7. koolmagicguy

    Use S1 without iPhone?

    I went with my friend to get the S1 today. She wanted an Apple Watch even though she doesn’t have an iPhone. I told her that a Fitbit would be better if she didn’t want to switch from android but she didn’t go for it. She mostly just wants to track her heart rate and get the weather. I told her...
  8. illmaticwes

    WatchOS 4.1 on Series 1 not showing

    I am unable to update to watchOS 4.1. I do not see the update yet even though watch on charger (unlocked) and over 50%. I had a beta profile but removing that didn't work. Anyone have similar issue?
  9. Hal~9000

    How's WatchOS 4 battery life on a Series 1? Should I keep mine on 3.2.3?

    Just curious from other Series 1 owners who have updated to WatchOS 4 if I should make the jump or keep my Series 1 on 3.2.3? How's the battery life? Sucks that we can't try out the update for a few days / weeks and downgrade if we don't want it like we can on the iPhone :oops: (at least before...
  10. drmad14S

    No recovery rate on series 1

    im using watch os on series 1 Im excited on the recovery heart rate feature But i can not find it? The heart rate app only shows current, resting, walking, and my workout and breathe HR How can i access the recovry hr am i doing something wrong?
  11. v1597psh

    Looking for swimmers with Watch Series0/1

    I'm looking for people who swim with their Apple Watch 1st generation or Series 1 on regular bases. How is your watch held up so far? I'm still debating on whether to upgrade from 1st gen to Series 3 or not just for swimming purposes. I found an app called that calculates how much I...
  12. K

    No More Rose Gold Color Watches?

    I just realized this, but apple Is no longer selling any of the watches in the rose gold color! What are your thoughts as to why? I love my rose gold series 2 watch! IMO the rose gold matches with outfits way more than the gold does. I tried the silver aluminum Series 1 at first and spent...
  13. andjew94

    Fate of Series 1/Series 2

    Pure speculation of course but what do you guys think about the future of S1/S2 as far as what will be kept as the “entry level” watch? Currently the S1 resides in a great price bracket but will Apple kill it and drop the price of S2 to match, or will it kill S2 and keep S1 as it is or possibly...
  14. B

    Series 1 Space Grey colour chipping away.

    I've had my Apple Watch Series 1 Space Grey 42mm for about a month now. And am noticing the colour flaking away. It's ok the front of the watch towards the corner. Anyone else having the same problem?
  15. T

    PSA: Make sure you check your AppleCare+ Warranty status on S1 & S2!

    I ordered a Series 2 watch when pre-orders went live and a Series 1 a few days later. I purchased AppleCare+ at the same time with both. I received my S1 on Sept 16 and have been using it. My S2 is scheduled for delivery this week. I received an e-mail from Apple saying my AppleCare+ has been...
  16. fraxool

    Apple Watch Series 1 - Battery Life ? Waterproof ?

    Hey! I am currently thinking about buying an Apple Watch and am wondering if I should go for a Series 1 or Series 2. First, I don't really need the GPS since I run in a fitness room (on machines) and have my iPhone not far from me. Also, I don't often swim so this is not a need but would...