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series 5

  1. C

    Please give tips on buying a used Series 5

    Hello everyone. I hope you're having a great day! I never had an apple watch before so I decided to get a used series 5 that is in good condition (but haven't bought it yet). It's the same price a brand new SE but I decided that I like always on display and the ECG so I decided to go for a used...
  2. C

    First time getting an apple watch. AW SE vs used series 5?

    As the title suggested, this will be my first time getting an apple watch. Last year I've bought a mi band just to read notifications on my wrist. I'm going into college and saved a bit of money. I saw that a brand new apple watch SE is the same price as a used series 5 here in my country. I...
  3. macdogpro

    Used cellular SS S5 vs New GPS only aluminum S6? (don’t care for health features)

    As the title says, I’m on the market for an Apple Watch after years ago gave up on series 0 and going back to my mechanicals. I was thinking to get the cheapest I could since I only care about the ability to unlock my iPhone while wearing a mask on the next iOS 14.5 updates. But the AW3 older...
  4. anjanesh

    Sony WI-C400 Wireless Bluetooth with Apple Series 5 Cellular - YouTube

    Someone was asking if one could connect this Sony wireless headset with Apple Watch Series 5 GPS+Cellular via bluetooth and listen to YouTube music so that she doesn't have to carry around the phone with her while walking ? Possible ?
  5. A

    Dialux Apple Watch Polish

    There's no affiliate links here. I just want to help other watch owners by showing a professional DIY alternative to Cape Cod wipes or Mothers mag polish. I haven't found anyone else on the internet post Dialux Apple Watch polishing photos, so I tagged these to appear with a Google search. I...

    Apple Watch ECG functionality soon to be available in Australia?

    In this article it states that the ECG functionality may soon be available in Australia. If you're an Aussie we've been waiting for this to be available on our Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there has been no advertising from Apple to state this functionality isn't...

    Apple Watch S5 buzzing on notifications

    Is anyone else experiencing a buzzing sound every time a notification occurs. I've tried restarting, and that hasn't helped. So, if you've experienced this and resolved it I'd really appreciate some guidance. Thanks
  8. D

    New Series 5 - Battery drain issue

    Hi guys, I recently got a new Watch Series 5 for my birthday, a nice upgrade from my previous Series 2. However, the only thing I have been having major issues with is the battery life. The first few days it was alright/good, and I could probably get 1,5 days in before needing to charge...
  9. Peter Fenyvesi

    Apple Watch series 5 band glued inside of the watch.

    Hi, I got an Apple Watch series 5, from my relatives in the past days, to help them out with the problem of instant glue.. The girl worked with some glue in a dental technician laboratory, but somehow some instant glue spilled onto the watch. She realized it on the next day, Apple store...
  10. M

    Battery Low bug?

    So I got this watch over the weekend and didn't charge it until after it was drained because I thought "Battery life best practices" (I was surprised that 33% lasted me 10.5 hours). I then upgraded to watchOS 6.1 and left it charging overnight and now I see the battery low symbol (ever since I...
  11. D

    Anyone wishing the Siri watch face was embedded in other watch faces?

    Anyone wishing that the Siri watch face data was available to other watch faces? I like how the Siri watchface (1) shows the time in numeric and (2) shows relevant information at relevant times. I just got the Edition Series 5 and it has lots of nice watch faces, but after trying a few ones, I...
  12. and 4096 others like this

    I bought 4? Should I keep it?

    Hi, in my country AW4 cost ~$581 and same model (LTE, 44mm) but AW5 cost ~$661 I bought AW4, cause there is nothing new besides AOD and compass... Now I have second thoughts, that maybe I should return it and get series 5? Is AOD worth $80?
  13. KeanosMagicHat

    Migrating Data From Watch Series 4 to Series 5

    Having only bought the S4 less than 5 months ago, I had no intention of upgrading to S5. However I was then surprised by the Always On screen and this week also won a competition which would cover almost 60% of the cost of the S5 with the sale of the S4 making up the rest . . . so it’s decision...
  14. L

    There May Not Be a Series 5 This Year

    From what's come out, it seems that there may not be a series 5 watch this year. Apparently only 4 new models were registered, which supposedly correspond with the 40 and 44 mm versions of the titanium and ceramic finish watches. Rumours suggest that this might mean that these will be...
  15. svepo

    Paris Watchface Screen Bug!? Anyone?

    Hello, I bought the Series 4 in 44mm spacegray today. Has anyone the same bug as me on the Paris Watchface. The green bar is only displayed on the Paris Watchface. I think it's a software thing and not a defect on the OLED screen. Otherwise I would exchange the Apple Watch on Monday. At this...
  16. and 4096 others like this

    Apple Watch Series 5 - question

    Hi, I wonder what direction Apple will take with Apple Watch? At the beginning I thought it would be more like jewelry, but after introduction of Series 4 I would say the pathway is more like medical device. I know they take efforts to create non-invasion glucometer, but reports suggest it's...