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sha256 hash

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    7zip question

    hey everyone. Wasn't really sure where to post this but here it goes. I went to download 7zip archive/zip software from their website. Curious, as I always am, ;) I wanted to verify the checksum for the exe. I was looking online and I stumbled upon another link for 7zip with a posted checksum...
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    InstallESD sha256 hash Oct-24-2016

    I recently down loaded Yosemite on Oct-24-2016 and performed a sha256 hash chekc and got the result 6a2d563b89d4c2733e8ff087c16db0caaa6594375ac835b3110df4306edb2459. I only found 2 google search entries that matched and their appears to be another sha256 value. Can anyone confirm the Yosemite...