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  1. 1

    This shortcut can enable AirPlay to Mac on any older, pre-2018 Mac (requires SIP off)

    This shortcut can enable AirPlay to Mac on any older, pre-2018 Mac (requires SIP off) Here's a bonus shortcut to launch Maps with 3D landmarks and interactive globe on any Intel-based Mac (also requires SIP off)...
  2. D

    Automation To Stop Charging at 80%

    Recently got a smart plug and was interested to see if I could set up an automation that would allow it to stop charging at 80 (or whatever percentage). Was able to do this as a normal shortcut but automations, from what I understand, can only be done through the home app, which can only be...
  3. cutiepie17881

    iPhone SE is there any way to stop my keyboard from changing so easily?

    i love having the ability to change my keyboard with the little globe in the corner because some of the keyboards i have are very useful. however lately it seems like the little globe button has become more sensitive then it was before. i seem to hit it at least once every time im typing...
  4. marclafountain

    SSH Shortcuts Fail on Apple Watch

    Hi, all. I have made some new Shortcuts that use the “Run script over SSH” action to interact with with my home router. The Shortcuts all work correctly on my iPhone and my iPad. But, on my Apple Watch, I always get a “Message send failed” error message when I try to run them. The Apple Watch...
  5. M

    Shortcuts working for anyone on Monterey?

    Hi, I played around with the shortcuts app on Monterey and made some attempts to create one to save articles as a pdf to a folder, but either nothing happens (it runs and says done, though) or it says 'safari reader not available'. Any ideas?
  6. D

    Shortcut to edit multiple alarms

    Hi all, I am trying to create a shortcut that will ask for a time input then use that to edit 4 already created alarms with 10 minute intervals (eg. if you say 8:00 edit alarm 1 to 8:00, alarm 2 to 8:10, alarm 3 to 8:20 and alarm 4 to 8:30) - it seems so easy to create new alarms is it really...
  7. BigMcGuire

    Keyboard Shortcut - Window Switch Within Application

    Figured I'd share. I just found out about a Mac OS shortcut that has helped me like crazy. If you're like me you have 1 4K monitor with apps upon apps opened and when you're on a Teams call and someone asks you a question, you're freaking out trying to find the Teams meeting window to unmute...
  8. That-Guy

    Location to iOS Calendar Event Automation

    Think this can be done in IFTTT but thought it would be good to setup in the shortcuts app and don't think IFTTT allows 8 Applets without paying. My job involves me traveling to around 8 sites in the local area. What I am looking to do is create an automation that adds a calendar event when I...
  9. happy orchard

    HomeKit How to get Siri to stop announcing "Done"?

    After I say "Hey Siri, lamp on", Siri turns off the lamp -- yay, thank you Siri -- but Siri goes on a monologue like some frustrated aging stage actor telling me how he did it, what he did, and saying my name. Is there a way to just Siri to complete a shortcut silently?
  10. E

    use Shortcut widget *with* custom icon in Today View screen

    I can add Shortcuts widget to my Today View screen with a generic widget background. (It's an email action so it shows the email icon). I can add a Shortcuts icon to my Home screen with a custom icon. Is there a way to add a Shortcuts widget/icon to my *Today View* screen *with* the custom icon?
  11. D

    Phantom Shortcuts on my iPhone.

    Here's one that stumps me. On my iPhone, I have two phantom shortcuts that I can not find and delete. Please see the screen shots below. I would love to be able to delete them. But they DO NOT show in the shortcuts app. If I ask Siri to show me my shortcuts. They are there. The first one was...
  12. dmylrea

    How to make a shortcut that is a Siri voice command?

    I'm going in circles on this as stuff on the internet doesn't look like my iPhone. I have cameras (in Home app) that I can view using Siri ("Hey Siri, show me the front door", as an example). I'd like to have a button on my widgets screen that I can tap and it show me the camera. I see...
  13. D

    Watch OS 7 - Shortcuts now need "Run" or "Cancel" w/ Siri

    I arm and disarm the alarm on my house with a Siri shortcut. Prior to Watch OS 7, I simply raised my wrist and spoke the Siri shortcut. Now the new shortcuts app opens and requires me to press "Run" or "Cancel". Is there a way to run Siri Shortcuts on my watch w/o having to press "Run" - Thank you!
  14. howdytom

    Universal How can I download a iOS Shortcuts file to my Mac?

    I have created a iOS shortcuts (Workflow) on a iPadOS. Finally, I would like to save and send a backup to Mac. This has been really easy in the past. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to share any Shortcuts via eMail, ftp client or other non iCloud services. It looks like Apple locked down...
  15. J

    Editing Fantastical without using mouse

    Does anyone know how I can edit Fantastical without touching the mouse? I know the shortcuts they have but I want to be able to move up and down my tasks or events and edit their details without ever leaving the keyboard. It is such a great app that I can't believe they wouldn't make this...
  16. purdnost

    Typed Siri Commands in Shortcuts?

    Since the Apple Music app doesn't display song release dates, unless you navigate to the album, I want to type out the Siri command "When was this song released" to run as a shortcut. Is that possible?
  17. J

    All Devices iOS Shortcuts Personal Automation not running as it should!

    Hey all I've just started using Personal Automations on the Shorcuts app within iOS and am already running into some issues so looking for some advice. This specific automation that I've set up on my iPhone is to make things easier when I get into my car. I have the Pioneer SPH-10BT...
  18. D

    HomeKit Turning lights off with Shortcuts

    HI! I have run into a problem. In the shorcuts app on my devices, I can turn lights on in a room, but I cannot turn them off. Basically, I can set a "scene" as a shortcut, but I cannot set to toggle. Anyone knows what is up?
  19. purdnost

    All Devices Resolved: Added a Shortcut to the Home Screen and Now I Can't Delete It

    The Apple Shortcuts app gives you the option to display shortcuts on the home screen. I added one to the home screen, but when I attempted to delete it, like I would an app, it just gives me haptic feedback and blinks. How do I delete this, or is this a bug? Update: So, I wasn't tapping and...
  20. purdnost

    All Devices Jump to a Specific Note with Shortcuts

    The stock Notes widget isn't useful to me. It doesn't allow me to specify which note I want it to always display. Yes, I can have it display the most recently edited note (Settings > Notes > Viewing > Sort Notes By Date Edited), but if I make an edit to another note, then that note is now...