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shutdown issue

  1. haralds

    Catalina on separate drive suddenly interferes with Mojave - resolved

    Catalina on my Mac Pro is on its own SSD. All has been well until today. This morning I received a report from one of my engineers that she had run into trouble after installing Catalina in its own volume. Mojave Sleep ended with crashes and the system was not stable after Catalina was also...
  2. R

    Weird Mac Issue

    I am having the weirdest issue on my MacBook Pro. It randomly shutdown while using it. However, it never does so when I have it plugged into an external monitor. There are no shutdown reports or Kernel panics. So far I have reset the SMC and PRAM but no to avail. I also took the Mac into the...
  3. armadiaz

    Macbook Pro 13" 2018 Random Restarts | Previous Shutdown Cause -20 | New Issue?? What Happened??

    I have MacBook Pro 2018 (Mojave 10.14.1) just brought it 2 months ago, now i have random restart when i use it. i only browse internet, play spotify but suddenly the screen goes black and it restarted. it's very annoying, knowing im not use it for heavy task. im checking with log show...
  4. R

    Resolved 2018 MBP 13 Cannot shutdown

    Got my MBP 13 for a week now, just released I cannot completely power down my machine. Shutdown from Apple menu will turn off the display and touchbar, however trackpad will continue to have feedback, meaning the machine is still on (this happens with/without AC power). Continue pressing the...
  5. dougjames84

    Macbook wont shutdown ... management action Message? Please help

    hello lovely macrumors community. Hoping you Can help with this Odd error . Evertime i try to restart or shutdown this message comes up “office 2016 installation start “ as a management action box . Screen is black and all I can do is press dismiss . Sound works when I hit any key but I can...