Is it possible to keep the sidebar open?

    This would be a great option for me, if it's possible.
  2. Vandal.

    Custom Bonjour Icon in Finder/Sidebar?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my Mac Mini to show up with a Mac Pro icon in the sidebar in both Bonjour computers and the network Finder window. It's sitting in an old G5 case as file/media server and I'd love for it to show up with the corresponding icon. I've seen some very old solutions that...
  3. J

    Favourites and Shared Missing in Finder

    Hi, The other day I noticed that my Mac started exhibiting weird behaviours in finder, I then noticed that all of my favourites and shared devices went missing from the side bar. They are all selected to show in preferences and the sidebar is not hidden. I expect I need to delete a cache or...
  4. Z

    SideBar always at same length

    How can i set the finder window sidebar to be set at the same length in every finder window i open? Is this a matter of settings?
  5. Avenged110

    Hiding Finder Sidebar with AppleScript

    So I'm trying to set up an AppleScript to open a single Finder window with specific view properties and it's working fine, except I can't hide the sidebar. The only instructions I've found online mention using "set sidebar width to 0" but this returns an error in Mavericks. I'm new to...
  6. Princess Cake

    Need iPhoto colored icons, please!

    I'm working on getting the colored sidebar icons back across my Mac and am just missing Faces/Places in iPhoto. Could anybody help? They'd be in .TIFF format inside the older versions of iPhoto (I'm not sure which) Update: Disregard ^.^ I managed to find them on an iLife '11 DVD! So many...
  7. C

    App for Note in Sidebar

    I want an app in the sidebar that contains editable text. Basically, if there's five things that I want to do today, I want to add them into the sidebar and remove them when I've done them. I tried searching in the App Store, but I couldn't find such an App. Any recommendations?
  8. Te0SX

    Sidebar icons appear as normal folders

    Hello, I made a clean install some weeks ago, and since then I am having an issue with the sidebar icons. They don't look as they should. Only the official folders I mean, check: Any idea how to fix this? I created a new account and everything looks normal there. That's strange.
  9. A

    El Captain Sidebar in Favorites Missing

    I've got a real head scratcher (for me, anyways) with the El Captain update. I've had this update for well over a year, and have had this issue appear on multiple Macbooks so I know it's not just my machine. Ever since I have updated to El Captain, the sidebar in Finder that has your saved...
  10. Caladbolg

    Resolved Devices section not showing up in sidebar even after changing it in preferences

    I unchecked and re-checked whatever is in the Devices multiple times, but nothing changes. Tested it with the ones in Favourites; they get updated fine real-time. But not whatever is in Devices. I used Terminal to repair permissions. Deleted finder plist and the sidebarlists plist and...