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  1. T

    Questions before I upgrade to Mohave (from Sierra)

    I am finally taking the plunge and upgrading to Mohave (public beta.) I am running Sierra right now and have to waited till now to upgrade because i heard there were some bugs with the new file system and Fusion Drives (& Time Machine too.) Will my 32 bit apps (ex. Picasa) still work? (i thought...
  2. J

    Bootcamp help "The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition."

    I have a 2013 27 inch iMac with Siera. I replaced the hard drive in it recently and need to install windows on the drive via partition. Overtime I go to the Bootcamp assistant to begin I get the error " the startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition." Ive resorted the...
  3. zamboknee

    Mouse jumps around

    My mouse has been jumping around. The thing is, the mouse would jump around even with the PREVIOUS mouse. What are some typical issues that would explain this problem? Thanks
  4. Darren_pan

    Compatable wifi card for Hackintosh

    So I am thinking of creating a Hackintosh but I don't know if its worth it. I have a dell inspiron 7359 and everything seems to be compatible except for the wifi card. Right now I'm housing a AC-3165 via M.2 slot. I could always buy a usb adapter but I kind of want it in my computer. So now I'm...
  5. KingOfStuff

    Safari causes system to freeze

    So for the past 6 months or so this issue has been happening. Latest Sierra on late 2012 iMac. When using Safari in a rather normal manner or for work i will have many tabs open. The issue can happen with anywhere from 6 or more tabs open. If Safari sits, meaning i dont refresh a page or...
  6. Z

    a mid2010 iMac for Sierra

    I got a mid 2010 corei7 iMac (with an ssd) and im thinking of upgrading to Sierra but have no idea if its worth the upgrade... what new am i getting and is it worth it? I will be using Adobe CS6 and CC, will i encounter any issues in those apps? Are there unsolved issues and bugs since Sierra is...
  7. Hos4m

    Is this normal for a new MacBook Pro battery?

    Hi, I just got a new 13" MacBook Pro 2015 with Retina display, here is a screenshot from the CoconutBattery app I'm noticing that the "Full Charge Capacity" don't reach 100% whatever I did, I tried to keep the laptop charging over night and it didn't do it. Also, I'm noticing that the...
  8. pakpenyo

    Mac Pro Late 2013 Can't Turn On

    Hi all, I have Mac Pro Late 2013 D300, shipped with Mavericks 10.9.5 and works fine without any problem for 2 years (i'm buying it at early 2015). Two weeks ago, I update to El Capitan 10.11.5, the problem is it can not turn on after shutdown. Press power button, its dead, and only turn motion...
  9. P

    2016 Macbook Pro 15 Touchbar FREEZE

    I've been experiencing system wide freezes across Mac OS with my new Macbook Pro 15 with Touchbar. There are several Apple Support threads on the matter but wanted to start the conversation here to see if anyone else is seeing the same. It happens on a daily basis. The problem starts with...
  10. T

    10.12.2 = Graphics Glitches on 2014 MacBook Pro

    Hi all, So, I didn't see these problems in the first iteration of Sierra. But, the latest edition: 10.12.2 is giving me weird graphic glitches all over the place. See attachment. Is there any way to downgrade to an earlier version of Sierra? Also noticed that the NVideo CUDA panel in...