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sleep issue

  1. haralds

    Sleep Broken in Beta 8

    My Mac Pro system no longer sleeps., not even with the Sleep menu item. The screen turns off, but the system does not stay asleep. Worked fine in B7. No other changes. pmset -g assertions shows nothing unusual. Has anybody else experience this? It does work on my MBP.
  2. tekfranz

    Mac won't wake from sleep after Mojave 10.14.6

    I run Jump Desktop a VPN and have Several Multi-AV adapters plugged into my MacBook Pro. If I walk away the Mac goes to sleep and several hours later it wakes with he classic Black Screen and Mouse pointer. Is anyone else experiencing this. I have disabled sleep until this is resolved. I...
  3. H

    G5 Quad boots but #7 RED LED turns on and then off briefly, then goes to sleep.

    So I have a G5 quad and it boots ok, then the fans start to get pretty loud (I don’t believe full speed but I would say faster than it should be, but then after a couple of minutes, it freezes up and goes to sleep (sometimes it just freezes on what ever screen your on). I checked the LCS and it...
  4. nerdbert

    Warranty starts with shipping date?

    Hi, according to my 2018 MBP is out of warranty after 18 July. However, on this day last year it was shipped from China and it took until the 27th before it arrived in Germany. It's very hard to get an appointment at our local Apple store and I'd like them to...
  5. PIA_S_I

    HELP! MacBook Pro restarts when in sleep mode.

    Please help! I’m no techie, but have tried as many possible fixes as I could find in forums to try and resolve this issue. My 2017 MBP (running Mojave 10.14.3) randomly began restarting every time it was in sleep mode — whether I closed the lid or left it open. I’ve since unchecked the box...
  6. Stephen.R

    "Never sleep"... but it sleeps?

    Hey all, I've re-purposed my 2011 MBP17 to run iTunes, amongst other things, for our AppleTVs in the house. Every so often videos won't load, or the iTunes library just disappears completely on the AppleTV, and the "solution" is to hit a key on the keyboard to wake it up, which solves the...
  7. necreation

    Powermac G5 keeps going to sleep

    Hi guys, I owns several Powermac G5. There's one particular Powermac G5 2.0 DP 2003 model that has been working fine for a few months. It was running really well until one day when I thought everything was fine, one of a new intern that has assigned to this system reported to me that the Mac...
  8. milleron

    iMac takes 123 seconds to wake from sleep

    For many months, I thought my iMac 5K with Fusion drive (Mojave) was crashing when it was sleeping because it wouldn't wake. I finally discovered that it wakes every time and never crashes but that it simply takes a very long time to wake up. I've used a stopwatch on it, and it's spooky that it...
  9. D

    Lost 45% in under 90 mins of web usage

    Hey All, I have a 2016 13" MBP (non-touchbar), and I'm having what I perceive as battery issues. As the title mentions, I've lost 45% off my battery in the last 90 mins. I began my day with 85% (which it had dropped from 100% while supposedly sleeping over the past 1.5 days,) and now I'm at...
  10. radiohead007

    OWC Thunderbay 4 enclosures - sleep issue

    Fyi for folks getting their new minis and using this enclosure route to house their hard drives (or have one of the effected models). I received my enclosure today (and my new Mini). But turns out there is a known sleep issue with the enclosure, and I got a note indicating that drives may "drop"...
  11. E

    Scary incident - Macbook Pro spun up in bag

    Hi all I was working in the home office yesterday and realised the laboured fans I could hear were actually coming from a closed laptop bag and my MBP (2017) inside it. I immediately took it out and to say it was hot is an understatement. The bag was also over heated. Obviously the Mac which...
  12. slylandro_probe

    Mac Pro freezes and reboots after sleep

    I've been having some strange issues with my Mac Pro over the last couple of days. It seems that after it wakes from sleep, it restarts. But this is not a soft restart and it is not due to issues such as this. The symptoms are as follows: Wake from sleep. Monitors turn on, everything seems...
  13. slamjack

    Mac Pro 5.1 turns off when is put to sleep

    Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro5,1 Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 3,46 GHz Number of Processors: 2 Total Number of Cores: 12 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache (per Processor): 12 MB Memory: 96 GB Boot ROM Version: SMC...
  14. AJAAY

    Sleep prevented by AddressBookSourceSync

    I’m having an issue with my 2017 MacBook being prevented from going to sleep by Address Book syncing. I’m at a loss on how to turn it off. I’ve tried numerous troubleshooting steps but the syncing process keeps popping back up in Terminal. I use iCloud contacts, and I’ve tried turning iCloud...
  15. cococheaf

    Mac Pro 5,1 - mouse not working after sleep

    Hi, does anyone of you also have the problem that the mouse (in my case a Razer Taipan) is not working anymore after sleep? The mouse is connected to one of the back USB 2.0 ports. I need to unplug and replug it, then it works again. Might be a power-problem the case for the mouse not working...
  16. B

    Bad ram slot? Ram error? Constant restarting... MBP mid-2012 13in

    I've been to the Genius Bar multiple times for this issue and their diagnosis was that something is wrong with my ram and I need a ram upgrade. I dropped new ram into it and the problem was not fixed. History: - MBP would randomly restart - frequency of restarts increased - occasionally the...
  17. namethisfile

    10.13.2 + RX460 = No Sleep???

    Hi, Any of you guys having issues with sleep on cMP with Polaris GPU and latest 10.13.2? I don't recall having any sleep issues on my RX 460 until now. The issue is that the Mac Pro won't go to sleep after I initiate Sleep. The monitor display go off, and the power light on the Mac Pro will...
  18. B

    MBP with severe insomnia

    Hi! I some somebody can help me with an incredibly annoying issue. About two months ago my MBP started to lose sleep: in about 40% of the cases in which I close the lid of the laptop, I guess it does not go to sleep. In about 60% of the cases it works as expected. When it does not go to sleep...
  19. SecretBox

    Universal Sleep like a Baby - Achieve a better nights Sleep.

    Lack of Sleep? There's an app for that "Sleep like a Baby" Give it a try for Free.
  20. Thor774

    MBP 2015 doesn't handle well an empty battery

    Something is happening with my MBP 2015. When the battery gets empty the machine doesn't go to deep sleep (or whatever the name was) like my old MBP 2011. Today I was working on the plane on battery power. I received the usual low battery warning but decided to continue working as I was...