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slow ram

  1. DanielFury

    iPad Pro Ipad pro 12.9 2020 RAM ISSUE?

    Hello! I just purchased recently an ipad pro 2020 12.9 inches 256 gb. I updated right away to ipadOS 14.4 and just out of curiousity i downloaded antutu benchmark and on the device info on the RAM section, i saw 2gb free out of 6. And the only thing i got running was antutu. Then later on i...
  2. Orgildinho

    Why Macbook Pro 2018 consuming so much RAM?

    Hi, how should I run my MacBook pro smoothly? I used to have Mid 2011 Macbook pro, lately, that Mac got very slow when I work on Lightroom (especially when was using the adjustment brushes). So I just updated it to Macbook Pro 2018, I see it fast but not what I expected. I don't understand why...