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  1. E

    Messages turns green until app restart?

    Sometimes, for seemingly no reason at all, messages seems to stop working as iMessages and defaults to SMS. I'll find that conversations that were previously blue iMessages have all turned green, and I only have the ability to send as SMS (green) until I force close and restart the Messages app...
  2. Deiota43

    Problem - NO APPLE ID Password on old Iphone and wants to transfers data from Iphone to Android

    Hello! I'm have a BIG problem with an Iphone 7 of my bf, which lost is Apple ID password and now I don't know how to transfer data to a new Samsung I'll give in on his birthday. I want to transfer SMS, Photos, Whatsapp, mostly and I think I can't without the iCould. Is it it possible? How...
  3. peanutismint

    Not even Apple could help with this - why are group texts coming through in Messages app with BRITISH +44 country codes??

    I'm British but now live in the USA. My iCloud account is set to American, my credit card and address is american, they have my American cell number on file, and my US cell number is associated with iMessage/iCloud. But for some unknown reason, whenever I get group messages through on my iPhone...
  4. SirWill

    Text messages from Android

    Warning this is me venting about Apple. So I just switched to an iPhone from Android. All of my family is still on Android. I got a message another way from a friend asking why I hadn't answered a text. I never got the text. I did some testing with my old phone / a digits sim from...
  5. purdnost

    Automatically Load Rich SMS Links?

    When receiving a link in an SMS text, I need to manually tap on it to generate the thumbnail/load the content. Is there a setting that will allow these to be loaded automatically, or do I need to do it manually every time?
  6. gbf

    iPhone 12 Pro Group text messaging delays.

    I am having an issue where I’m getting group texts with a long delay. My mom and sister both iPhone users had me in a group text and I just got 12 hours later a slew of texts from people both iMessage and sms. I am on Verizon with iPhone 12 Pro. any ideas? thank you
  7. F

    iPhone 12 / iOS 14.1 users - Missing Text/SMS Messages?

    There is an issue with the new iPhone 12's possibly caused by the iPhone 12, or iOS 14.1, or a combo of both. Not 100% sure yet. I first read about this issue when Paul Thurrot gave his thoughts on his new iPhone 12:
  8. H

    iMessages failing mid-conversation with a specific contact.

    Hey all! I am having an issue that's persisted over the last few months after multiple iOS updates (both on my end and the person I'm having this issue with), and neither of us have this issue with any of our other contacts. I have an iMessage thread with a longtime friend where we chat usually...
  9. H

    Not getting SMS "verification" texts, but everything else is fine?

    I don't use SMS 2FA with any important accounts, of course, but often times it'll just be used to verify your phone number on sign-up for a new service. For months now (T-Mobile, east coast US, iPhone X, iOS 13.7) I have not been able to receive any of them. At first I thought it was just...
  10. roguedaemon

    iPhone FIXED: iMessage not working/activating after iOS 13.5 (13.5.1) Update

    Hi Team, Myself and a few friends of mine have been having issues with iMessage the last few days, and after much chagrin (signing in and out, resetting settings etc) I've found the definitive fix! Here’s what you do. 1. Go to settings 2. Turn off iMessage. 3. Turn off FaceTime. 4. Restart...
  11. S

    iPhone X Receive SMS when only on WiFi?

    Is there any way to receive SMS text messages (not iMessages) on my iPhone when on WiFi only? I’m currently in an area where I need to stay in airplane mode with cellular data turned off. WiFi works just fine and I can receive iMessages fine but cannot receive others SMS text messages. Is there...
  12. U

    iPhone How to Force sync/ upload SMS to messages on iCloud From iPhone

    There are few SMS messages which are available only on iPhone , but not on iPad - both devices on the same iCloud id and messages on iCloud is enabled on both devices. These SMS messages do not get downloaded from iCloud to the iPad when the iPad is restored as new and messages in iCloud is...
  13. DominikHoffmann

    No iMessage with some users (they have iPhones)

    Is anybody else seeing this? As of about 4 PM EDT today I have been seeing issues with Messages on macOS 10.15.4. People I know to have iPhones are messaged via SMS from my Mac (with Text Message Forwarding turned on my iPhone). To others I can send iMessages without incident. It’s either a bug...
  14. pedzsan

    Messages (app) on Mac

    The issue is that messaging from my Mac sometimes works and other times does not work. The rest of this message are things I currently believe but an not sure. The hope of this post is to get more definite answers. It appears that I could not text one particular person from my Mac but it...
  15. PhillyGuy72

    iPad iPad SMS will not send. (Message to iDevices users ok)

    Someone else pointed this out and I tried this on iPad. If I attempt to send SMS via iPad 13.1, - a NON-iPhone/ Apple user - the message will hang for 5-10 minutes, eventually I'll receive a "No Delivered." However, I did not have this issue with iPhone (running 13.1)
  16. D

    iPhone X How to save text message conversion from my iPhone?

    I have the latest version of iOS installed on my iPhone. I need to save a text message conversation from it (including who said what and dates & time.) How do I do that? PS. A phone that costs $1,000+ must have a way to do this simple task, don't you think?
  17. S

    Why won't non-iOS device sent text messages delete on Watch when deleted on iPhone?

    Any idea why Apple hasn't added this fully message sync to the Watch? Standard (non-iOS sent) SMS messages just pile up on the Watch and need to be removed manually one at a time.
  18. cserba

    iPhone Application to track my monthly plan

    Hi all. I am looking after an application which can track all my monthly plan which mean Data usage (mobile data), Sent SMS/MMS, Phone calls (in minutes) I was able to find app which can track my data usage, but that is not enough for me, as I have a monthly plan of 100 Minutes of phone calls...
  19. C

    Other [HELP] AnyTrans users only: Have you successfully used or tried the MERGE function of AnyTrans?

    Help: AnyTrans users only: Have you successfully used or tried the MERGE function of AnyTrans? PS: I've used iMazing, iFunBox, iExplorer and many more and still use them. This is a unique feature they claim to offer and I need this time. So only post if you have used or know someone has used...
  20. fountaineer

    imessage icloud..

    I have yet to turn on the icloud Imessage function on my ios12 iphone. I have years worth of messages sms/imessages and i'm wondering what should ideally happen if i turn this function on? The intent and hopes are that both the sms and Imessages get uploaded to the cloud. then when i turn...