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  1. ignaciobarrena

    AirPods Pro audio cutting out randomly

    Good evening everyone, I have a problem with the AirPods Pro. Generally, when I use them on the street and totally randomly the sound is lost/cut off for a few seconds, as if it's interference. Sometimes I am able to reproduce the interference if I stick the iPhone to my leg 🤣 . I've tried...
  2. J

    Damaged Macbook Pro Headphone Jack

    Hi there, I seem to have damaged the headphone jack on my Early 2015 Macbook Pro. The right side works fine, but the left side only outputs white noise and none of the actual signal at all. I've tried multiple cables and different sources (spotify, youtube etc). It's definitely an issue with...
  3. W

    Iphone 12 pro don't get sounds on apps

    Hi all...... I bought iphone 12 pro 3 months ago and i notice that i dont get sounds except calls, sms and facebook...Other apps like insta and other apps don't inform me with sound runnning ios 14.5.1
  4. W

    No sound on notifications

    Hi People..... I have iphone 12 pro and i notice no sound on notifications like instagram, youtube or pintertest. Weird that what's up , sms and massager have sound.....what is the problem?
  5. E

    iPhone 12 - Siri Makes Clicking/Popping Sound Similar to Static Shock

    I just upgraded to a brand new iPhone 12 mini (iOS 14.4.2). All audio features are perfectly fine but I noticed that when I say "hey Siri, turn OFF smart invert", before Siri answers I hear a clicking sound similar to an electric static shock. It’s like a popping sound you might hear from a...
  6. H

    HDMI Sound Doesn't Work

    Hello, I am having an issue with my Macbook Pro when trying to connect to my TV via an HDMI cable. Have never had this issue with any other Mac or PC. The video works perfectly, however the audio goes out. Every 20 seconds or so it starts to go out momentarily over and over (stuttering fashion)...
  7. kahlil88

    Startup chime but no sound devices

    Customer brought me a MacBook Pro A1286 (2011 model I think) that doesn't produce any sound, except for the startup chime. No devices show up in sound preferences, even after doing an upgrade install.
  8. N

    iPhone 12 Pro notifications sound glitch

    Hello guys, I hope you are doing great! I would like to ask you for your assistance as I am experiencing a small but very strange issue. I recently purchased iPhone 12 Pro Navy Blue 128GB upgrading from my iPhone 5S that I have been using for 6 and a half year. My experience with iPhone 5S...
  9. G

    Caldigit TS3 Plus dock - seeking input from other users

    So I just bought a Caldigit TS3+ dock to use with my 15” 2018 MBP and though it seems to be working fine, I found two issues for which I’d like to confirm wether they’re common/normal as I’m currently debating internally whether I should return/exchange it: When using the headphone port on...
  10. tachillon

    AirPods Max - audio stuttering

    I have bought the new AirPods Max on day 1. Very happy with it except that sometimes sound stutters and then turn off, no more sound comes out like the AirPods Max were disconnected ; they are not, they are still seen by the iPhone 12 Pro Max/2020 Intel MacBook Air. Usually taking them off my...
  11. S

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini Stereo Speakers Sound not centered

    Hi, just tested my new 12 Mini with the build in speakers. There is clearly a greater loudness coming from the earpiece speaker than the bottom speaker. It’s somewhat uncomfortable to listen to because dialogs seam to come from the left. When I hold my right hand behind the bottom speaker it is...
  12. Oliver Christie

    What USB C or Wireless Lav Mic?

    I am looking for either a USB C or a wireless Lav Mic for use with an iPad Pro. Being used for single person audio with Zoom and other video calls. No gaming, music or anything else. I know the iPad mics are quite good but am looking for better!
  13. CJ Dorschel

    HomePod HomePod Bass/Sound Changes since Factory Firmware

    I have a number of HomePods and have only updated a few for the new features but have kept two on their original firmware as I recall Apple removed the bass and aura tones that made the original releases such great speakers. (Attached an article about it). I've been hesitant to update them to...
  14. haralds

    Temporary Rogue Amoeba App replacement

    I use Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil or Soundsource to redirect my iTunes to speakers hooked up via USB DAC. I do not use that channel for other sound. They are still out of action. Does anybody know of a temporary work around?
  15. shankar2

    Any good website to download Mac Catalina custom sound alerts?

    Hi so I'm looking for custom sound alerts for my Catalina Macbook. Is there any website that has good stereo sound alerts for macs? Or just sound files that I can use in /Library/Sounds folder? Thanks so much!
  16. D

    MacBook Pro 2012 Whirring Noise

    Hello everyone, A few days ago my faithful 2012 MacBook Pro began making a noise previously unheard by my ears. I would describe it as a kind of "whirring" sound from the left half of the computer (somewhere by the QWERTY keys), but not in the hard drive area (I have a Samsung 860 EVO SSD)...

    Hearing sounds I have never heard before

    So my home theatre system has always been based around my Xbox one. And I run a plex server alongside as well. I always thought being a gaming system the sound output from the Xbox would be superior but I have recently added an Apple Tv 4K with my sound system and guess what, I am hearing sounds...
  18. M

    MacBook Pro 16" clicking sound bottom case

    Hi there, I recently got my MBP 16'. When I rest my palm on my case it makes a creaking sound when even the slightest bit of pressure is applied to the wrist/palm rest area. With me it is on the left side next to the trackpad. You can try it yourself by pressing slightly on the mentioned area...
  19. one more

    AirPods vs EarPods shipped with iPhones?

    Does anybody know if there is an actual sound quality difference between the 1-2 generation AirPods (regular, not Pros) and the stock wired EarPods that Apple includes with their iPhones? As they both look nearly identical, do they use different drivers or do AirPods basically equal EarPods...
  20. D

    iPad Iphone vs ipad sound quality

    Hello i registered in the hope some audiophile freak may help me. i have a normal ipad of the newer generation, an iphone 11 and a galaxy s9+ I hear a really big difference in terms of sound quality when using the ipad compared to the iphone. The ipad just sound so much better with an external...