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  1. P

    Internal speakers have stopped working

    A few days ago my iMac internal speakers stopped playing any sound. I have updated to iOS Sonoma but that was a few weeks ago so don't think I can blame that. I haven't changed any settings or plugged in any other external devices to my Mac. Obviously, I have checked the mute button and it is...
  2. Alvin777

    Third-Party App That Gets Rid of the Reverb from Videos

    Hello Mac and Apple friends, advanced happy Easter. Is there an app, preferably totally free, wherein you just click a button on this up (like you would with a VPN) and it'll get rid of the reverb (some videos have echos in them, usually online videos, for example talks held in churches) as it...
  3. kahlil88

    No sound but speakers detected

    Trying to fix a 2019 MacBook Air for a client. No sound, not even a startup chime. Internal speakers are connected and shown as an output device. My initial suspicion was a conflict with SoundFlower, which didn't appear to be installed but was listed as an output device. Manually removed all...
  4. T

    2021 Macbook Pro 16 inch low bass when increasing the sound

    Hello, my 16inch 2021 M1 Pro Macbook pro has low bass when increasing the sound on spotify. Bass is ok and better when the sound is %10-%50 but when i increase it to %60-%100 bass is very low and nearly not noticable. What can i do? It was not like this before
  5. M

    Sound issues under windows 11 bootcamp (MBP A2141)

    hi guys, I've recently installed windows 11 pro under bootcamp on my 16" 2019 macbook pro (A2141). The installation and the bootcamp driver setup went smooth until stumbling into audio issues. it appears that the integrated speakers don't work on windows, although, the audio jack and BT works...
  6. JirkaCink

    AirPods Max sound problem

    Hello, I need some advice. When I start using Airpods Max with the Airpods max microphone on my mac for example in app Discord, the sound gets worse. Is there any solution to fix this problem? For example, in the software settings ? I don't want advice like: Buy a microphone.
  7. emmanueldmc

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Front speaker crackling sound on iPhone 13 Pro Max at maximum volume?

    About 5 months ago I bought my iPhone 13 Pro Max (never hit or wet), today I noticed how at high volumes (over 80%) sometimes the front speaker produces crackling, (especially when I receive a call or something) and this is very annoying. I decided to go to an apple store and at the genius...
  8. JippaLippa

    Very low quality playback on macOS (good on iOS)

    Hello. I recently got a pair of Airpods Pro as a gift and while I use different and better sounding equipment when I'm listening to music, they're very convenient to be used in other instances. The Airpods Pro work perfectly on iOS, but unfortunately they sound horrible when used on macOS...
  9. MikeCam

    Does anybody else have this iMac 24 issue? Apple are refusing to help.

    When my iMac is asleep, from day one, it has spontaneously made this weird clicking sound. The screen illuminates and the sound starts immediately, it then just goes off by itself and happens again whenever. I have formatted and set up as new multiple times, and it continues to happen. It seems...
  10. A

    Solution to macOS Monterey sound issue

    Hello, I was trying to install Monterey in a MacBook Pro early 2011, I didn't have any problem in the making but, when I have already finished the instalation, I noticed sound speakers weren't working, I was surfing on the WEB looking for a solution and I thing I nalied it. you have to open...
  11. greyc4t

    MacBook Air M1 not detecting headphones after restart

    I have a MacBook Air M1 running macOS Monterey 12.1 bought in May 2021. After the last update when I turn off my computer with wired headphones plugged in and then turn the computer back on again, it won't recognize the wired headphones. Every time I have to unplug and plug them back in for them...
  12. superparati

    MP 1,1-5,1 No Audio Device found with Catalina Patcher

    Hello, Today I did setup my new desk / found the time to do it - as I moved back to France after few years abroad. I did purchase a while ago (more than 10 years) a 2.1 Harman Kardon speakers and decided to connect it to my MacPro for the first time. I never needed until now to use the external...
  13. D

    Right Air Pod Pro No Sound?

    Hello, I have an issue. My right Air Pod Pro isn’t playing any sound. The connection is there and i can stop music or play it with the buttons, but there’s no sound coming out of it. Roughly a few days before Ive had issues where it was crackling and the connection got better when i adjusted...
  14. Jay-Jacob

    2 iPhone ringing problem

    My Dad have 2 iPhone. One personal and one for work. They have call continuity switched on and use same Apple ID. So when someone call on work number both will ring and if someone call personal number it does same. Dad just noticed there problem. So when someone call him personal number his...
  15. M

    iPhone 13 Pro Poll for 'Does your iPhone 13 pro/pro max volume up button make metallic clicking noise vs volume down?'

    Just wanted to see if this is normal for iPhone 13 pro and pro max's. You will need to put your phone against your ear to hear it.
  16. purdnost

    Autoplay Video Sound?

    “Turn the sound on or off for background videos that automatically play in the Apple TV app: Turn Autoplay Video Sound on or off.” The ”What to Watch” previews in “Top Shelf” on the Home Screen and movie page previews don’t play any sound regardless of whether this setting is enabled or or not...
  17. areudum

    My Airpods 3 experience- first impression

    i figured i would summarize some of the advantages and disadvantages Ive experienced. This might be a much better solution, if people could do the same, instead of just writing “Airpods x is better”. Of course, using them for a longer time would bring about a more detailed review, but i still...
  18. ignaciobarrena

    AirPods Pro audio cutting out randomly

    Good evening everyone, I have a problem with the AirPods Pro. Generally, when I use them on the street and totally randomly the sound is lost/cut off for a few seconds, as if it's interference. Sometimes I am able to reproduce the interference if I stick the iPhone to my leg ? . I've tried...
  19. J

    Damaged Macbook Pro Headphone Jack

    Hi there, I seem to have damaged the headphone jack on my Early 2015 Macbook Pro. The right side works fine, but the left side only outputs white noise and none of the actual signal at all. I've tried multiple cables and different sources (spotify, youtube etc). It's definitely an issue with...
  20. W

    Iphone 12 pro don't get sounds on apps

    Hi all...... I bought iphone 12 pro 3 months ago and i notice that i dont get sounds except calls, sms and facebook...Other apps like insta and other apps don't inform me with sound runnning ios 14.5.1