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space gray

  1. StealthWire

    Space Gray MBPro 16" dented on its own.

    Just a week since I got my Macbook Pro 16" (Space Grey) and there is this very tiny dot dent/scratch or anodisation discolouration, whatever you may call. At first I thought it a speck of dust, but boy I could feel it with my nail, there is a very tiny indentation, about 0.2mm deep. Feels like...
  2. tkmcdon

    Space Gray Apple Watch Turned Pink

    Im wondering if any else has had an issue with their Apple Watch (space gray) turning pink. I purchased 4 in September 2018 for my family and they’ve all turned pink. I took them to the Apple Store and was basically told it wasn’t their problem. I guess we got a batch of bad Apple Watches. I’m...
  3. macduke

    I now have an iMac Pro and maxed out 2019 iMac. AMA.

    A beautiful new base model stock iMac Pro just showed up at my work. It’s a surprise because I was originally denied an upgrade to the Pro version but I think my boss’ boss pulled some strings. I also recently purchased a maxed out 2019 iMac 5K for home use. So I’m in a bit of a unique...
  4. AutomaticApple

    iPad Pro Should I get Space Gray or Silver?

    I honestly can’t make up my mind. Please help me!
  5. T

    iPhone XR Xr black vs Xs space gray

    Do you think the Xr black is going to be a more true black than the space gray on the Xs?
  6. Adam1988

    Carrier Hey guys! i bought new clean slate IPHONE 6!

    HI EVEYONE! ------------------- So in BLACK FRIDAY i went to walmart and bought 3 (iphone 6) packaged in the box... i was wondering if apple made revamped iphone 6 for LATE 2017 to be locked to ATT in walmart? i bought them because my mom and dad are pretty OLD SCHOOL... so i was thinking i...
  7. B

    Display and Bezel Color

    Not intended to be a "what color is better post" is already know black bezels have more noticeable fingerprints and scratches while the white attracts dust and is a distraction. Now I'm mainly here to ask, Does anyone feel the colors on the display look better with one bezel vs the other?
  8. SoufDuJour

    Chance of December Deliveries Moving Up?

    Hi everyone, my iPhone X was ordered the night of preorders and is on Verizon. The model I went with is the 256mb storage space gray. If I had it my way I would have ordered it right when it was released. (3AM EST) However, it is a company phone so my company had to place the order. The Verizon...
  9. Mr_Xer0

    Package Thieves

    So you stayed up all night waiting for that clock to strike midnight to hit that pre-order button, youve gotten your email confirmation and text from your carrier solidifying your spot for a Nov 3rd delivery date. Phew!! All is good, or is it? If you aren't going to be home to receive your...
  10. donlic

    Where I can buy/order just the housing of the Mac Pro 2017?

    I want to build myself the ultimative computer and I want to buy just the space gray hosuing of the newest Mac Pro...
  11. KarinvdB

    S3 (non LTE) alu colors.. help!

    So I'm about to get my first Apple Watch. I'm in the Netherlands and there's no LTE models here (I don't mind, and I don't like the red dot anyway) so I'm limited to the aluminium colors. I haven't seen them in real life yet and that will probably be the deciding factor. We're headed to the...
  12. T

    iPhone 8 plus Space gray picture thread!

    iPhone 8 plus Space gray picture thread! Id love to see pictures of the space gray model as people begin receiving them today. I really haven’t been able to get a good idea of the actual color. The picture on apples website isn’t even that good. Thanks!
  13. AppleSheepLiz

    Which colour of Apple Watch should I buy?

    So I want to buy an Apple Watch but I can't decide on the colour. I want either a space gray or rose gold Apple Watch. Also, does the pebble colour band look good on space gray?
  14. E

    Space Grey MacBook Owners

    How is the Space Grey color on the MacBook holding up after 6 months to a year ?
  15. A

    The No Touch Bar 13 Macbook Version

    Lets discuss this model, I'm not keen on the touch bar thingy anyway, and in $1499 for the base model (plus shipping right now) this seems like a good option ,but what about the other inferior specs , 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor VS 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor at...
  16. DrewK

    [POLL] Tell me color choice satisfaction after using nMBP space gray!!!!!

    Hi I know many of you already got the nMBP and started using it. I want to know your opinion after using them, just about color satisfaction. For example, I regret choosing SG because it shows off too much fingerprints or SG becomes ugly at night with dark lights on or discoloration of space...
  17. G

    Post Pictures of Space Gray MacBook Decals

    My new Space Gray MacBook Pro will be here tomorrow and I would like to get a decal for it. Since the new MacBooks no longer have the glowing apple on the lid and is almost black, I would like to see if anyone has any vinyl decals on their Space Gray MacBooks. I cannot find any pictures online...
  18. A

    The future of 'Jet Black'

    I can't wait for the new color to make it's way onto iPads, or even MacBooks! Since Jet Black is more expensive to produce and scratches more so I think the new black would be more likely for MacBooks, but maybe a jet black MacBook pro exclusive? One thing I think we will see is a 'Jet White'...
  19. A

    Why no headphone jack won't impact sales

    Black Jet Black These were the most requested colors for iPhones and the fact that both hide antenna lines is also a selling point. After focusing on white models with gold and rose gold, they had to introduce these colors to increase appeal after they removed the headphone jack. Jet Black...
  20. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch & Nylon Band

    I have seen a lot of people have bought the royal blue nylon band to go on the 42mm space grey Apple Watch! Just wondering does anyone have the scuba blue on the Space Grey? Can't decide which one to get! Any photos or thoughts of the scuba blue and space grey combination would be much appreciated !