1. Sovon Halder

    Safari Suggestions, Favourites Touch Icons - How To Fix?

    The ONLY thing I get bothered about while using this super-fast M1 computer is Safari Suggestions and Favourites Touch Icons. 1. I open MacRumours website 17 times a day. But even if there is an accidental popup of Macpaw opening from a spam website, every time I type "mac" in the address bar...
  2. jagooch

    Does Apple Mail's 'Move to Junk' tell the Mail Server the mail is Spam?

    Does Apple Mail's 'Move to Junk' tell the Mail Server the mail is Spam? My email is hosted with Fastmail, which uses machine learning to train the server as to what I think is spam in addition to any built-in spam filters. In their email Web GUI, I have a "mark as spam" button the moves...
  3. C

    iPhone 8(+) Help I accidentally clicked a spam link in text

    I got one of those USPS scam messages and I’m stupid I thought someone actually just put the wrong number until I looked it up and found out it’s a scam... I’m sick and really out of it right now and I was dumb enough to respond saying they had the wrong number Anyway I accidentally clicked the...
  4. Z

    eradicating hostile emails

    Is there some online service dedicated in doing the job that email clients cannot fulfil 100% ? That job is eradicating and blocking spam/phishing emails etc. that trying to trick people.
  5. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone Blocking spam iMessages?

    Not sure what's happening all of a sudden, I've been receiving a load of junk spam text messages that started hitting my phone over the weekend (some 202 area code, keeps calling me "David" - which is not my name!), So far 3 today..another one from GOP, and the Primary election in PA...smh!! I...
  6. Akash Ahluwalia

    Calendar is filled with SPAM link and popping up in my notifications. Any help appreciated.

    So, since past couple of days, my iPhone calendar is filled with SPAM links. I don't know how to get rid of it. Kindly help me remove it.
  7. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone Calendar - Spammed "iPhone Max Is Here..."

    I'm looking around this forum, maybe I missed it, seeing if anyone else has this issue. I just happened to notice a red bubble "Notification" on my iMac's calendar, when I opened it - my entire week is filled up with this spam entry - it shows up on my iPhone as well. I have NO idea what this...
  8. Disead

    Does the iPhone X have the ability to block texts containing potentially harmful content?

    My dad recently received a suspicious text message (he has an Android phone) that he did not respond to but he asked me about. I attempted to forward the message to myself from his phone several times but the forwarded message refused to go through. Is this blocking ability inherent to the...
  9. HappyDude20

    How to Stop Daily Recurring SPAM Email Specifically in APPLE MAIL?

    I didn’t think this was a specific iOS or MacOS question and figured I cannot be the only individual within the MacRumors community from experiencing this so here goes: Gmail has never giving me problems and in the past 12 years have yet to see a spam email creep into my inbox. Apple Mail...
  10. keysofanxiety

    Reporting lots of spam is a chore due to 30 second limit

    Hi guys, I'm sure this is a stupid grumble because it's just as much of a pain for you guys to remove it, but the 30 second mandatory limit between reports is painful when reporting spam. I know you just need to report one bit of spam from one user to delete the whole account, but when it's...
  11. Mac03ForLife

    Spam posts and MacRumors

    This may not be the place to post this, so sorry mods in advance Anyways, this is where most of the spammy posts I see are conglomerated. Things like "resolved --****** then some sketchy link claiming to get you to lose 100lbs per day, etc" Is there anything macrumors can do about these? As...
  12. iMacGuru

    Installed Mojave - Receiving Unsolicited Emails

    Ever since I installed Mojave I have been barraged with emails from web-sites around the world (over 400) thanking me for signing up or requesting that I confirm my email address. For some reason these emails are not being filtered by the gmail junk routines. Please help! Inundated Mac User
  13. techwarrior

    PSA: Stop Spam and Phishing emails on your iCloud account

    Not sure which blog site I found this on, but a week in an it appears a flurry of spam\phishing emails being sent to my .me account, and .me alias are all but gone. I was getting 3-5 emails per day about "my account", things like email failed to send, problem with account or login, pictures...
  14. andyx181x

    iOS default mail app and yahoo

    Hi there so I have been putting this off for years and now I just want to get this fixed once and for all. How do I enable the junk folder in my yahoo account to be available so I can obviously forward spam into it? It’s been grayed out ever since I got my first iPhone. I been reading up that...
  15. S

    Reject spam call without voicemail

    I know there are several ways to reject an incoming phone call. But I can't seem to find a way to fully reject a call and also keep the caller from going to my voicemail. This is mainly for the several spam calls I get every day. Blocking numbers is not an option because the calls always come...
  16. PinkyMacGodess

    Is Firefox reporting my email address when I visit a website?

    I've had this strange feeling that something is reporting my email address when I visit websites.Here's what's happening: I'll go to the MSNBC website and open a lot of tabs for the news items that interest me, and it seems that on some days, like yesterday, I will then get bombed with tons of...
  17. valerii

    WideProtect: Call Blocker

    Hi everyone! I've been developing Call Blocking application for iPhone, and I'd like to know any thoughts about it: The main idea is blocking phone numbers using prefixes, so you can block entire area code, for example, or...
  18. MisterRyan07

    Clicked on Amazon Spam

    I shop at Amazon a lot and when I saw in the subject like that my Amazon order has been cancelled, I did without thinking clicked on the link and it opened 2 windows and lead me to what looks like a TMZ homepage on my iPhone using Safari. Should I be concerned? I cleared out my browsing history...
  19. Karfos

    Spam in gmail

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to delete all spam messages at the same time. I used to be able to choose "select all" then "delete". Now I can't do that. I have over 3000 emails I need to get rid of! They are driving me crazy!! I am on an IPhone and it is gmail. Much thanks in...
  20. B

    Apple Calendar Spam? Anyone else?

    Everyday I get a notification that I have a 1pm meeting with "New Video - The $800/Day Secret" I literally have this meeting for the next few do I block it, or get rid of it all at once? I upgraded to iOS 10.3 and read it has an option for marking some invites as spam, but I haven't...