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  1. artem.sadovnikov

    Spark Mail Client & Touch Bar

    Hello everyone. I have a Spark client on my MacBook Pro 16. Everything is fine, but there is one BIG problem for me. I haven't found the solving anywhere. When I open the New Message there are four columns: To, From, Subject and the letter area itself. Usually in every text editors touch bar...
  2. Nigel_Payne

    iPhone Spark Email not verifying!

    Hi, I've been using Spark for months with no problems at's brilliant...BUT THEN...I changed my router! Since then, Spark on my iPhone 6S+ will not verify. It means I can't get push notifications so have to log on to push emails through. I use it for my work email and work from home...
  3. D

    Spark app - Snooze issues

    Hey everyone, I love the Spark app on both the iPhone and Mac but have had issues with the snooze feature over the last few weeks. Snoozed emails are randomly put back in my inbox before the scheduled date. It seems to be my iPhone causing the issue. Has anyone encountered the same issue? Any...
  4. Hustler1337

    Spark Mail app users - Does it have push notifications?

    Hi guys, Kinda frustrated that the native Mail app on Mac OS X requires the Mail app to be open for you to receive notifications in the Notifications Centre for new mail received. I'd rather not have the full Mail app open in the background hogging up memory when a simple background daemon...
  5. R

    ZTE Blade Spark Just $99 Just recently picked up this phone. One to try out a newer ZTE Phone and the second to do an unboxing for my YouTube channel. Well.... For 99$ you can't really go wrong! Large 5.5" display, 2GB ram, decent cameras...
  6. jagooch

    How do you create new folders in Spark?

    I have created some new hosted exchange mailboxes which work fine with Spark except I cannot find a way To create regular mail folders in Spark. That is a pretty basic mail client feature to let you create and delete folders in your mailbox so it's likely that I am missing it.