1. David May

    Optical Cable Connection

    Yesterday I upgraded from a late 2013 iMac to a 2019 iMac. Before I was using an optical cable with a 3.5 adapter to connect to my logitech Z5500 Surround System. Never an issue. Plugged it into my new one an nothing, no digital input says my speaker controller. The Midi setup only say...
  2. Intenditore

    A1502 (13" 2015) sound quality

    I'm now deciding between 13" (A1502) and 15" (A1398) models. The sound quality matters much to me, so I did a research but could not find any comperation between those machines in that regard. Can you please tell me, how much their speakers differ, how worse is the 13 compared to bigger brother...
  3. S

    2012 Macbook Air Speakers not working

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand macbook air, and for the most part, the speakers don't work, although I have on occasion been able to get them to work, once after I reset the OS and another after I played around with ending audio processes within the activity monitor. I also tried installing...
  4. D

    2017 iMac 5.1 surround sound?

    Hey! We have just upgraded from a windows PC to a 2017 27" iMac, we've been using these speakers with the PC - https://www.trust.com/en/product/21738-gxt-658-tytan-5-1-surround-speaker-system These are the connections on the back, and the cables that went to to computer - I was wondering if...
  5. madrich


    I have an early 2015 MBA 13" with El Capitan. Does anyone know if there is app or other software to enhance the sound quality on the internal speakers?
  6. S

    Other How to Listen to iPhone Podcasts on Mac

    I wanted to share this "How To" since I've found it useful lately. If you manage your podcasts on your phone, but prefer to use the nicer speakers on your Mac (and not drain phone battery), follow these steps: • Plug your phone in via USB • Open QuickTime Player • File > New Audio Recording •...
  7. A

    Bluetooth Speaker Disconnections

    Hi all, I usually hook my Mac up with a Sony HT-CT60BT soundbar via bluetooth. Since mOS 14, after about 5 seconds the speakers auto-disconnect from my mid-2014 rMBP and need to be reconnected again. They work as normal after that. That happens every single time I connect them. I've deleted the...
  8. bobesch

    Resolved Replacing iMacG3 speakers suffering from foam-rot

    I've got two iMac G3 with rattling speakers that are FUBAR because of foam-rot. Today I searched the web and found this awesome video about replacing the speakers:
  9. zedsdeadbaby

    Q: For 2018 MBP users working in Logic, Premiere, Live, etc

    I have a 2018 MacBook Pro I purchased this fall. I'm wondering if others with the same model, who use programs like Logic, Ableton or Pro Tools, or, Adobe Premiere are seeing the following behavior: The speakers and headphones no longer work as a single built-in audio device. (This does not...
  10. AjTee

    Airpods - charge disparities of each speakers

    Hey Guys, I have AirPods which I use with my Apple devices sometimes. I always use both speakers in the same time. I noticed that for example, I listened music yesterday and after this I put both speakers to charging cover for a night. Today I used them with MacBook Pro and right speaker...
  11. K

    HomeKit AirPlay 2 Over HomeKit Doesn't Reach Multiple Speakers

    So, I have my Apple TV (4th gen) set up in HomeKit in my living room. Then I have my old Airport Express set up with some speakers plugged in in the dining room. When I say, "Hey, Siri, play Bruce Springsteen on all speakers," music comes out of the dining room speaker, but not the Apple TV...
  12. R

    iPhone X iPhone X - Speakers Problem

    When I record a video on my iPhone X with scream or loud voice and when I play that video, I heard some distorted (sounds like spoiled or torn speakers) sound only on that screaming part. I know my speakers are great when I'm listening music or playing videos from YouTube. That distorted sound...
  13. J

    MacBook Pro 2018 - Speakers Crackling

    Anyone else noticed their speakers randomly crackling on the new MacBook Pro 2018? It happens every so often for me. Only saw one other report so far here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8466796 =============== Edit by Weaselboy Moderator Note: Also see the discussion in the news...
  14. Pepss_95

    I accidently spilled coffee on my Macbook Pro 2017 with touchbar

    I accidently spill some liquid (flat white) on my Macbook pro 2017 Touchbar, luckily I had a keyboard cover which protected the keyboard, but some fell on the speakers grill (on the right side) I cleaned it right away with my fingers and napkins then put a napkin on the speakers grills, closed...
  15. S

    No Video Sound - Apple TV 4th Gen with Digital Audio Converter

    this might be an edge case, but here goes: My wife loves her old Bose Soundock and with a prior tv it worked great as a sound bar replacement. We got a new tv with no 3.5mm audio out, it is optical only. Problem solved I thought, ordered an analog to digital converter on amazon and worked...
  16. S

    iMac speakers damged after loud clipping!?

    How are you guys doing? I recently watched a YouTube video that had music playing in the background. The music was quiet at first but in one scene it was extremely loud and distorted. Even tho I had the volume on the lowest setting on my mac it was so loud that i had to mute the video. I fear...
  17. M0bi0us0ne

    Replacing MBP late 2016 15" speaker

    Opening up my late MBP I messed up the membrane of my left speaker, an authorized Apple repair center quoted me 650 euros to replace the entire top case (the speakers are glued to the body of the MBP). I managed to find a set of speakers for 70 euros harvested from a dead machine, so it is...
  18. M

    Apps Can't see other apple TV from speakers list

    Hey all, I have a really strange issue, and I'm not sure if i'm seeing a bug, or normal behavior. When I'm Playing video on either my Apple TV 4th generation, or 4K, and swipe down to pull up the content information, then go to audio, only the apple TV the content is playing on and the Airport...
  19. Hendo999

    iPhone Bluetooth 5.0 iPhone

    Did you know that you can connect your iPhone to 2 Bluetooth speaker at once. I’m not able to stream to both speaker at once. I’m on 11.1 maybe it’s possible with iOS 11.3 with AirPlay 2 feature
  20. S

    iMac Pro iMac Pro built-in speakers issue (iMac Pro owners help test)

    Hi, Seems that iMac Pro has an issue with the built-in speakers. A buddy told me about this and I was able to replicate it on my machine. Wondering if any other iMac Pro owners can help test and report back in this thread, it takes only a few seconds and maybe it will catch the attention of...