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  1. Z

    specs when designing a website

    Have you seen a web design tutorial that underlines what specs are needed when designing a website? A tutorial that will state what to have in mind and take care of… the doo’s and donts. 😊
  2. Z

    a mid 2010 iMac display

    Where can i find the specs of the display used on the mid2010 iMac?
  3. TheWorstBaptist

    Church video needs

    Im looking for opinion on a new Macbook Pro. I am moving to a position in which Ill be producing videos (fairly simple ones) for announcements and random things, not cinema-like productions. In fact everything Im doing right now is iMovie HD on a 2013 Pro, and I doubt I would ever learn...
  4. Z

    viewing video file specs fast & easy

    How can i see fast and easy the px resolution of a video file? I have a jarge number of video files and i want to know which are 16:9 aspect ratio and which re not. Due to the fact they are hundreds, i wan the process to be fast. I was hoping that i could do this with Bridge, one by one as long...
  5. Z

    best viewed specs on an iPad

    What is the optimal format and dimensions that must reencode a .dv format 720x576 video, in order to be viewed best on an iPad?
  6. T

    Are these specs good?

    Hello there buddy, Looking for a macbook pro 2015 15'' Im going to use it mostly for photoshop, internet browsing maybe video editing or in general graphic desigh. What specs are going to be best. Thanks for the help. Ps. Really really aprreciate it. Btw are these specs good for the job -...
  7. T

    Macbook pro 2015 15''?

    Hi there, i'm wonder if there 2 versions on the macbook 2015 15'' like diffrend specs and stuff, hope you could help me out. Thanks for the help!
  8. J

    Best configuration for movie editing

    Hey everyone, I have a 2017 13 inch MacBook Pro with the base i5 but 16gb ram at the moment... but in the future, what would be the best budget configuration for a MacBook (pro or air) for movie editing? Is it better to spend more on RAM or on a bigger processor? Thanks
  9. A_medwardz

    iMac specs for photo editing

    Hi guys, I’m looking into buying an iMac, but really can’t decide on what size and spec to go for. 21.5” with i5/push to i7, 16g of ram and 512gb SSD. 27” with i5, 8g of ram but would upgrade with another 32g myself and either 256 SSD maybe a push to 512g. Basically looking for any advice or...
  10. J

    iMac Pro iMac for video editing

    Hey, my names Jared. I'm really big into video editing and want to upgrade from my current late 2015 MacBook. I edit using premiere (sometimes FCPX, that's why I wanna stay w/ apple). I want to learn more on AE, but my computer always crashes when I try to do anything w/ it. I've been getting...
  11. K

    iMac Radeon Pro 555 vs 560

    From apple online store, two specs: 21.5‑inch iMac with Retina 4K display Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB video memory, 3.6GHz quad-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.2GHz 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 512GB SSD Price: $2,199 and 21.5‑inch iMac with Retina 4K display Radeon...
  12. sbn

    15" MBP resale price in 2 years - is it worth bumping up specs?

    I'm gonna buy the new 6 core 15 inch MBP soon. My plan is to keep it for 2 years and sell it, to buy the 2020 model then. I'm currently working fine with 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM. BUT since I have the option of bumping up from 16GB/512GB/2.6 GHz to 32GB/1TB/2.9 ghz, and paying around 33%...
  13. H

    Buying Macbook Pro 13" - Specs?

    So I'm thinking of purchasing my first Macbook Pro 13" (without touch bar) because I'm tired of having to deal with coding on Windows. I constantly max out the RAM and CPU on my Razer Blade Stealth with 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7 7500U CPU @2.7GHz. And I never play games – just have loads of...
  14. Trippyboyy

    2010 MBP in 2017?

    so I plan on getting a mid 2010 MacBook Pro and An older iPad for $550. I don’t know what iPad nor do I really care because I’m getting it mainly for the MacBook. The specs of the MacBook are as follows 15” display 2TB HDD 2.40 gHz intel core i5 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Ram Nvidia Geforce GT 330m...
  15. tehaer

    MacBook Pro 2017 - Struggling with the size/hardware

    Hello, First of all, I would like to say hello to the users of the forum, as I am a new one :) Since one month I am thinking about getting rid of my 6 years old Samsung's Ultrabook (Series 5) and replacing it with MacBook Pro. I am a Windows user since 18 years. I've never used Mac OS, aside...
  16. M

    MacBook Pro - Which specs should I prioritize?

    Dear all, after 6 wonderful years with my MacBook Pro 15-inch (early 2011), its graphics/video card decided to stop working and Apple cannot replace it for me because the computer is considered to be "vintage". Moreover, I have been told that the replacement of this hardware will cost around £...
  17. macduke

    1TB SSD vs. Radeon Pro 580 Upgrade

    So today I found out that I am eligible for an upgrade to my late 2012 (purchased March 2013) iMac 27" at work (specs in sig). But I also need to make sure that the price doesn't go too high, so I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons. Would most of you rather get by on a 512GB SSD and have the...
  18. M

    Which specs do I need?

    Hi, I am going to buy a new mac laptop soon, have had a MB Air 11" (4GB RAM, core i5, 128GB SSD) for two years, and it is starting to slow down a lot. I want a powerful, future-proof and very portable Mac. I will mostly be using it for Lightroom editing, light Final Cut Pro use and smaller...
  19. A

    Need Advice on tMBP Specs… Still Undecided!

    So I'm planning on buying a new 13" MBP w/ Touch Bar over the next few weeks to replace my mid 2010 model (see signature for details). The problem is, I'm still undecided on what specifications I should go for. Unfortunately, as I'm in the UK, I haven't yet been able to go and check them out in...