sport loop

  1. pedrohen

    Apple Sport Loop x Nike Sport Loop

    Hey, guys! I am planning to purchase a black Nike Nike Sport Loop and I wonder: does the Nike SL feel the same as Apple? I saw in a video that Nike's is not as "soft" as Apple's. That's true?
  2. Hudzilla95

    Employee Sport Loop Close the Rings Edition

    Anyone know of one of these going anywhere lately? I managed to get one of the Woven Nylon ones on ebay for £80 with a activation locked watch... Managed to sell the watch on ebay for £90 so a deal like this would be good.
  3. Stefanreals

    Sports Loop Band-Opinion

    Any body else find the sport loop band to be uncomfortable? Its not unbearable just not as comfortable as I thought it would be.
  4. Akrapovic

    Looking for a very specific Sport Loop - Black/Volt

    I'm here to ask the experts. :D The attached image is what I'm after. I can find plenty of the grey/volt sport loops on many sites. But every so often you spot one of these black/volt ones, which is much nicer than the grey. But I'm yet to find anywhere that sells it. Some eBay sellers list it...
  5. msmith2112

    Looking for a Khaki/Tan Sport Loop...

    I currently have a Series 4 with black Apple Sport Loop. I would love to find a Khaki(tan)-colored version. I know Apple doesn't currently offer this color, and i can't seem to find one on Amazon. Has anyone ever seen one?
  6. Julianne

    Series 4 Pre-Order (NL)

    This is my first time pre-ordering anything. Long time apple user. I have a few things I’m wondering about and I don’t see anyone else has. I ordered an Apple Watch series 4 44mm space grey aluminium with the sport loop. I ask the below because mine is still pending shipment and not found in...
  7. D

    Bands that match with Stainless Steel Watch

    So far, I have ProductRed Sport Band Silver Milanese Loop Dark Olive Sport Loop What other bands go well with the silver Stainless Steel Watch? Also, is it normal that my red Sport Band is very, very dark, almost black from discoloration?