Looking for a very specific Sport Loop - Black/Volt


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Aug 29, 2018
I'm here to ask the experts. :D

The attached image is what I'm after. I can find plenty of the grey/volt sport loops on many sites. But every so often you spot one of these black/volt ones, which is much nicer than the grey. But I'm yet to find anywhere that sells it. Some eBay sellers list it, but either out of stock or isn't actually in the purchase list. I'm aware it'll have to be a cheap knock-off (that doesn't bother me - I actually prefer that!), but any help finding this specific one would be appreciated. :D

The loops on Amazon and eBay are all near identical. I'm guessing there's just one manufacturer of these in China and the eBay sellers buy them and brand them differently. Doesn't bother me, I just want to know where this magical black/volt one came from.

And if anyone finds a cheap knock-off of the "Close Your Rings" band, that'd be nice. I'm surprised that hasn't been done already, as the plain black version has plenty of cheap versions! You'd think someone would've done the additional loop for it.

Edit: Forgot to say: 42mm!


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Sep 26, 2010
fyi - when I go to that site - AliExpress, I see a big warning popup from my Web of Trust chrome add-in that says "this site is potentially malicious"
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