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  1. M

    Is NortonSpyware - insists on Network Monitoring

    My Norton 360 Anti-virus / anti- spyware now insists on monitoring my network activity. in the past, I could turn off Norton features that I did not want such as their VPN. Could this mean Norton is now able to track browsing? Norton already owns LifeLock. Combining LifeLock with browsing and...
  2. T


  3. J

    'metadata.o.config', should I be concerned?

    For a vast number of reasons I cannot get into, over the past month, I have been convinced that someone installed a key logger and other spyware on my Macboook Pro, running Big Sur. Today, I upgraded to macOS v. 11.2.3, and when I logged back in, I discovered a 'recovered files' folder in my...
  4. FakeTimCook

    Apple Spying on You with Apple Silicon

    Interesting article: Will always defend Apple against all other PC vendors. They better do something about this though. It does not look good.

    Expert opinions needed - Is security compromised?

    Just got a 2017 Macbook Pro with 16GB Ram, 560 Radeon and 512 SSD. It was an unbeatable offer, so I couldn’t pass it up. The person who owned it before me used it to live stream, and has installed different versions of free streaming and server software - only heaven knows what else on it. The...
  6. J

    Why is apache2 on my mac?

    I keep seeing relocated files for an apache2 server on my Mac. To answer the obvious questions: It's a 2017 Macbook Pro. This is my computer. Nobody else uses it. No, I didn't install it. The hard drive was formatted relatively recently (within the last few months). I haven't installed a...
  7. IDMah

    Resolved Safari and VPN choking on is Spyware?

    Hi all. Just one of those irritants, I can't get on the site because won't allow my vpn past it. Windows user consider this a sign of spyware. But I can't find an extension or anything else. All works fine in firefox but safari nada. Just...
  8. T

    Possible Spyware on Macbook Pro

    Hi everyone, new user to the forum in need of some mac advice! I'm an ex-university student who recently graduated. I was given a MacBook Pro as part of my course, I have recently been signed over the ownership rights to the device and have been removing all of the university's programs...
  9. T

    Have I been hacked?

    I belive someone is hosting a webhost server or something to change website content. Also, if i google certain words the first meaning of the word is often wrong. I had someone over who did an badusb attack on me. i think someone is hosting a mirror server to mirror my whole computer.. here is...
  10. jparker402

    Spyware/Malware/Viruses on the iPhone?

    Saw an article on the Microsoft News site (on my iPhone app) about antivirus software for the iPhone. Had never looked into it, so I started browsing here and on the internet. Also looked and saw that there are antivirus apps in the iPhone App store. All I got was confused! Can't find much...
  11. anthony818N

    Why does Safari show history of sites I have never been on?

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus with up to date software. I have noticed that my Safari has some sites in the History that I have never visited. For example, this is going to sound very strange, but one thing that appeared was a search from the Expedia website, the page displayed a Payment for a...
  12. IDMah

    Resolved iMac Wakes up in middle of night.. Spyware??

    Maybe I'm being paranoid but I've noticed that around 4:30-5 am our iMac or at least the USB Hub wakes up. I notice this because we have a Razor Mouse and several other devices plugged into it and they light up! Around that time. Is there any way to check for key loggers or Spyware? I've...
  13. BrenKB

    Curious to know if there is a VPN set up on every phone that is used for updates?

    My last phone, a Samsung 6S, had a VPN set up on it that had to be utilizing our wifi. The way I discovered it was the fact that all our devices would freeze occasionally, all at the same time, and one day while I was on my tablet and it froze, and my phone was lying near and it made a sound...
  14. N

    Possible persistent Spyware/Malware on iPhone 6S?

    Hello there, this is my first post here for a concern that has been going on for the past two years. I have a stock iPhone 6s that was never jailbroken or out of my possession, but somehow feel that there is spyware that has somehow installed itself remotely. I took the precaution of factory...
  15. Ksbee

    iPhone Please help I have been searching for info on how to tell if someone has hacked my iphone

    Please help I have been searching for info on how to tell if someone has hacked my iPhone and is tracking/spying on all activity. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  16. C

    Security questions (spy, workflow, applescript, etc).

    Hello, Last few year I had couple of minor issues with security of my macbook air. I have firevault installed, antivirus (avast or bitdefender) and firewall on. I do travel a lot and had someone to look at my mac in couple of shady places (3rd world country, not autosized workshop). Is it...