Possible Spyware on Macbook Pro

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    Hi everyone, new user to the forum in need of some mac advice! I'm an ex-university student who recently graduated. I was given a MacBook Pro as part of my course, I have recently been signed over the ownership rights to the device and have been removing all of the university's programs, removing their admin rights etc. Whenever I turn my macbook off, I receive this strange message in the bottom right hand corner of my screen which reads "Logout Status" "Checking for policies". I have looked through all my installed applications and cannot find any program responsible for displaying these messages. As this is my second macbook I know this is not a normal feature and seems to be exclusively on my university laptop. Can anybody advise on what this might be or what I can do to remove this message from appearing in the future? Have added a photo for reference. Thanks in advance.

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    Probably just a remnant of whatever the university was using. As with all changes in ownership, the best approach is to back up your documents and start fresh by performing a clean install of the OS.
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    What I'd suggest:
    Boot to INTERNET recovery -- "command-OPTION-R" at boot
    When you get there, open Disk Utility and ERASE the ENTIRE internal drive
    Then, close DU and open the OS installer.
    Do a full reinstall of the OS.
    Then, go through set up, and see if the message disappears.

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