stainless steel

  1. holysmokesbatman

    How do you keep the sport bands from getting stuck?

    Hey guys, So I recently bought an OEM Rose Red sport band from someone and I just love the color, but the band is quite difficult to put on and take off. It almost feels like I have to force it in and yank it out. All my other bands go in and out with ease, so I’m not sure what I can do to make...
  2. holysmokesbatman

    What bands are you guys wearing with the gold SS?

    I'm looking to expand my band collection, but I don't see too many photos of bands with the gold SS. So far I have: Black Sport Band Stone Sport Band (with gold SS pin) Gold Milanese Nike Black Reflective Sport Loop Hibiscus Sport Loop Pride Bands (2017, 2018, & 2019) Dragon Fruit Sport Loop...
  3. bigdog5142

    Arrow & Board Leather Watch Band [Video]

    I just got my Arrow & Board Porter Band today...and I love it! I made a quick unboxing video so you can see what I'm talking about. I know I appreciate it when others do this...and I decided to have a little fun making a video. Hope it helps in any decision making for you when purchasing bands...
  4. iRutherford

    Other Should Apple consider using frosted glass and unpolished stainless steel in a future iPhone?

    Frosted glass provides all the benefits of normal glass, except gloss. This means that it is more resistant to scratches and does not collect fingerprints and smudges. Here's what it looks like (Sony Xperia Z5): One disadvantage is that the colors look a little dull, but I'm willing to...
  5. areskins

    iPhone XS Choosing the right stainless steel

    Gonna get an iphone Xs this christmas as a gift for myself. I really hate the gold color so my options are either the silver or the black one. Im aiming for longevity for this phone since I wont be able to get another for at least 3yrs. To those who has the iphone X, how’s the stainless steel...
  6. D

    Black or Silver SS

    I am about to purchase my first Apple Watch. A series 4 44mm SS version as I am always busy DIYing etc so feel the extra money for the sapphire screen would be well spent. My question is that I am edging towards the black version as I feel it looks better but I am concerned about scratches...
  7. Stephen.Trae

    Best Bands for SSG?

    I’m trying to figure out which bands will look nice with the stainless steel gold. A lot of the bands available still only have stainless steel and black lugs which makes me uncertain if it would pair well with gold. The only colors I’m sure about are the horizon blue and red sports band from...
  8. M

    Request: Show me the worst possible scratch ever on a Space Black Apple Watch.

    Ive heard the claims that SBSS is indestructible. S0s and S1s still “look like the day they were purchased.” 700 days of 23 hour use and not a mark on them. Are the rumors true? Is a scratch on a SBSS like the Bigfoot of the tech world? Surely the sheen of the SBSS must fade or something? (I am...
  9. M

    Once and for all, Space Black stainless or Space Gray aluminum?

    Those who have owned both, Space Black stainless and Space Gray aluminum, from S0-S3, knowing what you know from experience and knowing the S4 costs $749 and $529 respectively, which do you buy and why? Why did you switch from one to another? Did you switch back/want to switch back? I am asking...
  10. csilvia

    Best Buy 1-Day Shipping Reliability!

    So...After not pre-ordering an Apple Watch, and mistakenly thinking I would be able to walk in and buy a space black 40 mm series four, I found myself on Best Buy’s website today. Though they say there are none available within 250 miles of my location in Rhode Island, I was able to order the...
  11. M

    Request: Post pictures of your Space Black SS "patina"

    Let's see those SBSS series 0-3's with scratches. I'd like to know what they look like and how bad it could get. Also given you can't polish SBSS, how do people make their scratches less noticeable?
  12. F

    Series 4 Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel

    I currently have a space gray aluminum Apple Watch series 1 and want to get a series 4. My screen is in awful condition right now because of scratches. My question is if the sapphire glass on the stainless steel version is really that much more durable. I also love the look of the space black...
  13. T

    Best 3rd party SS link band

    after spending a good amount on the watch itself, i cannot justify the ridiculously high cost of the Apple link band. Where can I find a nice and decent quality SS link band, but without spending hundreds. Thanks!
  14. T

    Am I making a mistake? Choosing SS over alum?

    I’ve owned a S0 and currently have a S3. Both have been aluminum, but this time I’m thinking I wanna go for some sort of SS version. Likely just SS but not quite locked down on that. Anyways, I’m pretty active (CrossFit) and always wear my watch to track my fitness. I take really good care of my...
  15. G

    Chances of finding SB SS?

    Hi, long story short, I woke up at midnight (pacific time) last Friday to pre order series 4. And straight away, backorderd 3 weeks! You can imagine my disappointment. What are my chances of getting a 44mm SB SS series 4 on launch day? At Apple? And at target? In other words what’s the best...
  16. lexlevi

    Series 4 Tracking/Shipping/Dispatch Thread

    Hello all! Excited to get this ball rolling. Part of the fun of pre-ordering is waiting for new order statuses... and of course, monitoring shipments before Apple even provides a tracking number. I got a 44mm, Gold SS with the Stone Sport Band. My status is "Preparing to Ship," but I haven't...
  17. R

    Those with Stainless Steel - is the glare from sapphire display that bad?

    I'm trying to decide between Stainless Steel or Aluminum for my Apple Watch Series 4 order. For me, it boils down the the sapphire screen that's on the stainless steel models. Some reviews I just checked out say that the screen is almost totally unreadable in daylight because of the reflection...
  18. E

    Apple Watch Series 2 screen popped out

    hi there, has anyone experienced this? I’m out of warranty. You think Apple will replace this for a fee or free ?
  19. honglong1976

    did apple make sports bands with a steel pin?

    I had an SS S0 and black sports band with stainless steel pin but did they also make other ones. I found this person on eBay and all the bands appear genuine, reviews mention they are genuine but I never thought these were available with a stainless steel pin. Anyone with a genuine sports band...

    Series 0 SS AppleCare Express Replacement

    Hello, so I just filed for an express replacement through AppleCare for my Series O stainless steel 38 mm Apple Watch, and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of replacement I would be receiving? I asked the rep if what I would be getting would have the same sapphire crystal face and...