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  1. Q

    iPhone 11 WhatsApp Media Auto Download Issues (settings to save are turned off)

    Hello, I followed various advice from WhatsApp support in regards to images and media automatically saving. I have been forced to trouble shoot this although all settings to save are turned off, as this is clogging up my photo library (every photo is saving, dozens every day). 1) I was told by...
  2. S

    Mac full despite optimizing storage!

    I have 2Tb of iCloud storage. On my MacBook I have 500GB. I keep getting "Mac storage is full" messages which keeps me from getting any work done. With Optimize Mac Storage on, shouldn't Mac automatically "throttle" what's on my MacBook so I can keep using it? In System Prefs, it shows...
  3. F

    iCloud I disabled Messages in iCloud this morning. Why does it still take up 16 GB of iCloud space?

    After having had Messages in iCloud enabled since it was first made possible, I finally decided to switch it off today to save some space. However it still says Messages take up 16 GB of my iCloud storage. How come?
  4. W

    iPad Air Do factory resets wear out the storage chips on Apple devices?

    I had read somewhere that continuously rewriting data on an SSD will wear out the number of write cycles it has and cause it to fail. I reset my new iPad Air so I could restore it from an iCloud backup and get access to my Google Authenticator, but I couldn't, so I reset it again and set it back...
  5. H

    Home Office / Music Studio Storage Solution

    Setting up an office/music studio with a couple of 1st Generation Mac Pros, a 2018 256GB MacBook Air, and a 2019 256GB MacBook Pro. Want to put the laptops in cool looking stands and run them in clamshell mode if possible. Not sure due to the fans. Will likely be picking up a Mac Studio in the...
  6. F

    656GB of System Data - WTF?

    Hey there :) So I got an SSD 1TB on my iMac. And lately, it seems like the fans are popping up constantly. So I checked my storage and I have 656GB of system data. Any help on what this is and how can I reduce it? Thanks in advance!
  7. adamschoales

    Massive 100+ GB "System Data" since upgrading to Monterey

    Just upgraded to Monterey this weekend and noticed almost this exact behaviour. For me it was over 372 GB of "System Data" and my local storage went from around 1.3 TB to 870 seemingly overnight. I know that I didn't use this much before because I have a clone of my hard drive pre-upgrade that...
  8. M

    iPhone 11 Pro Max 256Gb & iCloud+ or 512Gb???

    iCloud+ or Internal Storage To put in context; A couple of weeks ago I bought a 256Gb iPhone 11 Pro Max on BackMarket, after uploading the backup I realized that I have 80Gb left and I thought about buying the same device with 512Gb now that I am in the withdrawal period or continue with this...
  9. M

    Only have 30GB free space after factory reset MacBook Air 2018. NEED HELP

    Hi, I was starting to get problems with my MacBook Air regarding available space. This problem started occurring a few months ago. I needed a ton of applications for school and work and I am very limited with the 128GB. I started getting the problem of limited space, and had to change what...
  10. R

    iPhone SE (2020) Upgrading from 5s (32gb) to SE (2020) - 64gb or 128gb?

    Hi all! Obligatory 'hope this is the right place to post if not mods please move', because lots has changed since I last spent much time here! I'm finally accepting that my beloved 5s, while working just fine and as handy as ever with its small size, is getting to be too much work to keep using...
  11. ghulst

    Photos storage is getting too large - Alternatives?

    I would like to pick your collective brains on photo storage. I have been using Apple Photos since iPhoto and my first mac in 2009. At the moment my Photos archive takes up almost 700Gb on my MacBook. That is pretty expensive storage if you see the cost of a 2Tb drive upgrade. As I am...
  12. SheSingsSongs

    Annoying backup issue!

    So, for the entire time I've owned an iPhone (10+ years), my backups have been between 5 GB and 7 GB. In the summer, I backed up my iPhone 11 Pro before I bought a new phone (12 pro). The backup was 6.8 Gig. Perfect. I uploaded that to my new phone and got on with my life. Sometime after...
  13. D

    Seagate Expansion Portable vs. Toshiba Canvio Basics

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what external hard drive to buy for what reasons. Does it even make a difference or are you just looking at the price these days? I'm looking for reliability, speed, and low noise level. I read that the Canvio is quieter and has a better...
  14. S

    Storage occupied increases when files are deleted

    Hi friends! I'm facing a weird issue. Every time I delete data from my Samsung T7 SSD (only used with macOS), the space does not clear but in fact, for every GB of data I clear, 100 MB space is additionally occupied (approximation). - I have all my files, videos and photos on this external...
  15. anjanesh

    NAS Storage with WiFi

    I've been told that a 10TB NAS storage can connect to WiFi and my MacBook and other laptops can connect to it over WiFi seamlessly. I mean, if this setup can work properly then I won't need to go for a 2TB/8TB configured MacBook Pro in the future as I can connect it to all my laptops acting as...
  16. P

    Storage Displaying Inaccurate Podcasts Storage??

    The storage on my iPhone 13 Pro, and especially my iPad Air, overestimate the storage that my Podcasts app is taking up. I’ve noticed this since iOS 14. I have 500mb of podcasts downloaded, but it’s showing 7 GB of documents & data. I know there’s been issues with storage not displaying correct...
  17. purdnost

    iCloud Photo Storage - Would This Work?

    I want a place to store all of my wife’s and my photos and videos from the last several years. Currently, everything is on a portable hard drive, but we don’t have a way to access the content on the fly. I’m also worried about data corruption and drive failure. I’m not sure I want NAS because...
  18. B

    2021 MacBook Pro 1tb vs 2tb

    Hello, New to the forum any help would be appreciated. I just received my MacBook Pro M1 Max 14' today. I got the 1tb option but now I'm starting to feel like I should have gotten the 2tb option and would appreciate any perspectives. For context I will primarily be using this for two things...
  19. cpnotebook80

    MP 1,1-5,1 One storage drive consolidation MP 5,1

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to retire my MP 5,1 next year for more room and space and want to consolidate my multiple drives i have in there over the years. I think around 5-6 tb is what I have of capacity drives currently. Decades of stuff from work, family, old machines etc. I will definitely...
  20. G

    Resolved Photos Library on EXTERNAL DRIVE Still Taking up Space on Local Mac Storage

    I keep my default Photos library on an External Hard Drive (selected as default in preferences) However, I recently transferred up about 20 gb of photos off my iPhone into that library, but it still took up 20gb of my internal storage too. Tried to locate where the photos may have been backed...