1. Thor774

    How to find those huge videos that take lots of space on the iPhone?

    I remember that not so long ago we had an option under Settings/General/iPhone Storage called "Review Personal Videos" to effectively find those large video files sorted by size. It gave a very easy way to delete them all from one place. If you try to do this from inside the Photos app you don't...
  2. I

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone 6 shows 32 GB storage but shows 100s of GB photos 1+1=3?

    I don't get the storage behind my iPhone 6. It shows 32 GB storage, but in reality I have about 400 GB("Photos" storage) of videos on my iPhone (the 32 GB storage parameter never changes(i have like 19gb free left after and before adding 400GB) with photos or videos, the visual line changed to...
  3. M

    iPhone iPhone Photos iCloud storrage

    Dear MacRumors. My iPhone XS 64gb have got around 40gb free space. My Photos takes up around 50gb space. So of cause I have the "optimize storrage" feature set to on. But this means that ALL photos are cloud based and must be "downloaded" when viewed. this annoys me. is there anyway to make...
  4. A

    Upgrading to SSD in my Macbook - Need Help Before Purchasing!

    Hello, I am about to purchase this Samsung SSD for my MacBook Pro I have seen videos and threads about this SSD working with my specific Macbook Pro but I want to check two things here first: 1...
  5. Romanesco

    MP 7,1 Aggregate List of Mac Pro (2019) Compatible Components

    An aggregate list of compatible components for the Mac Pro (2019) to be of reference when upgrading the machine. Will update the post from your suggestions bellow. CPUs (added by mikeboss) Intel Xeon W-32223 @ 3.5 GHz (8 cores) Intel Xeon W-3235 @ 3.3 GHz (12 cores) Intel Xeon W-3245 @ 3.2 GHz...
  6. G

    iCloud storage won't shrink or sync after deleting photos?

    So I just have the basic 5GB of iCloud storage space for photos and my backup. Usually when it starts to fill I just download a bunch of pictures to my laptop and then delete them off iCloud, then in turn they'll automatically delete off my phone. My storage filled up to 4.8GB out of my 5GB...
  7. T

    Macbook issues

    Hi there, I have a 2017 MBP. When I purchased the machine I failed to notice that the memory or the HD cannot be upgraded. The memory is fine, but I notice that I am deleting stuff on a regular basis as 256GB is simply not enough space. I have a 5 TB external drive, but when I try to install...
  8. iPapa

    MM 2018: macOS/Windows on internal or externals

    Greetings, I've retired my Mac Pro 3,1. And now the time has come to retire my Mac Pro 4,1 (flashed to 5,1). Doh. But behold, I'm getting a Mac mini 2018 (i7). Yay. Grabbing minimum amount of RAM so I can max it out much cheaper by myself. I'm also getting an eGPU. Meanwhile I'm probably making...
  9. charlituna

    best enclosures for raid setup

    i've done some searching around the forum but all the posts seem a bit old. so i'm curious about folks current thoughts on the best enclosures out there for setting up a new raid. i'm mostly concerned with storage capacity and stability, direct attach is fine but thunderbolt is preferred over...
  10. smirk

    Fusion drive between NVMe and SATA SSD?

    My late-2015 27" iMac has been feeling slow lately when there's a lot of disk access going on (like when running VMWare). It's pretty clear the bottleneck is the existing 2.2TB fusion drive. I was thinking of replacing the stock drive components with a 2TB NVMe, but then was wondering if some...
  11. creativedamages

    iPhone 11 Pro “Other” cache eating storage space

    I had the 256gb model XS Max but looked at my storage for the last month before ordered and was at about 32 used. So I opted for the 64gb to pinch some pennies. I was already on iOS 13/13.1 so I figured I was safe. Every since the 11 Pro however I have been getting iPhone storage full...
  12. S

    Series 5 - How Much Music Storage Space?

    Can anyone advise on how much music storage space there is on the series 5? I had a series 2 and you could only save up to 2GB of music directly on the watch. It is my understanding that the series 3 and 4 had the same limitation, even on the 16GB models, though I may be mistaken here? Has this...
  13. E

    My Icloud Storage says it´s full when it´s not

    I have mabey 15 mb. of files in my Icloud, but It´s saying I have over 117 gb. of storage, and it has been like this for two weeks now so It´s not resolving the issue. How do I fix this? Thanks in advanced.
  14. EEzycade

    iPad Want the new iPad, there’s a catch!

    One of the most interesting parts imo at the keynote yesterday was the new 10.2 inch iPad. I thought it might be time to upgrade from my Air 2. I got on the website and saw the catch. In addition to it starting at &329 it also starts at a measly 32gb of storage. The other option is 128gb and...
  15. evzme

    Using old macbook ssd as external drive

    Hi guys I just got a new 1tb internal ssd for my 2015 13 MacBook pro and i would like to convert the old ssd into an external drive. I did a little research on the internet and found out apple's proprietary ssd interface makes it almost impossible to do so (although a company called OWC offered...
  16. alanmadzar

    MP All Models NVMe vs. SAS/SATA In Your Workflow

    Hello there, Has anyone come across a situation in developing applications (ex. 3D editing/rendering, photoshop, high-res audio) where you needed an NVMe interface as part of your storage workflow, as opposed to SAS/SATA? I know NVMe is pricier, but has anyone come across a situation where the...
  17. C

    iPad Which unpowered flash drive to use with iPadOS and lightning?

    Hi! I’m using a 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Does anyone have any luck using Apple’s USB 3 Camera adapter with a flash drive without power? I heard that adding a USB hub between the Adapter and the iPad may help prevent power warnings. Thanks!
  18. M

    I have deleted massive files on Mac OS so why does available storage not increase?

    I'm beginning to think there is a fundamental flaw with Mac OS because I've had this with non-beta versions. I'm using a Mac Mini with Catalina. I've deleted a good 40 GB+ of space which I need to edit a video. However the space doesn't show up as available. Previously when I've had this happen...
  19. R

    Is it better to run MacOS off the provided Fusion Drive or off an external SSD?

    I just got a new 5k iMac. For specific reasons (living in a third world country and restricted time as i was on vacations) I had to get the 27 inch 5k base model. I did a 32 gb ram upgrade and bought an external ssd. Im currently running Mojave off the ssd with no problems, everything is pretty...
  20. T

    macos does not know the type of external storage?

    Hi, is here a discussion about this already? I have a WD ssd in external case and Disk Utility tells that the type is "Disk" (not "Solid State"). Is there a reason to think about trim command? Is there external ssd's that are identified right? System Information tells, that my case is: VLI...