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  1. R

    Networked storage options that play nice with iCloud and Time Machine?

    Really seeking guidance from the experienced heads on here. Converting literally thousands of priceless film negatives into digital format that the family matriarch took over a quite extraordinary lifetime (each converted image is just under 200mb per image). Similarly, there are some amazing...
  2. Saralou

    iPad Air iPad Air 4 - what storage size?

    Hi, So I decided a while back to get the iPad Air 4. The intention then was to replace my MacBook Pro from 2011 with the iPad. (I have a gaming PC as well so I wouldn't be computerless) Since then I have been able to buy the computer I had at work (MBP ~2007) so I have a “new” computer. I...
  3. C

    macintoshes in garage

    Hi everyone! I'm going through things in a relative's house but there appears to be boxes of old Macintosh computer equipment that have been stored in the garage. They have been there at least five years. I believe they were also transported across the country at one point. To the best of my...
  4. Snorfon

    iPhone Message Storage: number don't add up

    Hi all ! iPhone 11, iOS13. I need to free up space to shot a long video. Look at those screenshots. The Message app is supposed to take up 34,75gb. But when i look at the Main convos, Photos, Videos, Gifs and others numbers doesn't add up. So not only it's a real pain to select manually all...
  5. Baudlink

    Help With SAS SSD to MBP 15" 2015

    Hey all, I have taken on the challenge to connect a Seagate Nytro 2.5" SAS Enterprise SSD to my MacBook Pro 15" 2015. I know that 99% of you will tell me to sell it and forget about even trying. I specifically knew of the perils to making this successful, so please save me that advice. Based on...
  6. assenzio

    Can I do a hard reset and restore from iOS 14.5 and not from iOS 14.4.1?

    Hello, I don't have enough space because of the "Others" folder, and I'm going to do a hard reset but I don't want to lose my info and chats, etc. I can do a hard reset and restore from the iOS 14.5 B2 backup? Or I only can restore from iOS 14.4.1 backup? I would not mind the backup if I...
  7. rodedwards

    MP 1,1-5,1 6Tb Seagate Barracuda Compute 3.5" Internal HDD 5400RPM

    Hi! I'd like to check compatability of 6Tb Seagate Barracuda Compute 3.5" Internal HDD 5400RPM drives with Mac Pro 5,1 on Mojave 10.14.6. These are standard edition NOT Pro edition. Does anyone have experience of these drives used internally via SATA connection in 2009 Mac Pro 5,1...
  8. circatee

    USB Drive and Time Machine backups

    Based on the details below, I am curious. If I have a 512GB drive in my Mac, can I partition that drive, for Time Machine backups? Thus, if needed, use said partition to perform a restore of sorts? Details: Error: SOCD report detected: (AP watchdog expired) Link...
  9. purdnost

    Free up Text Message Storage Space Without Deleting Threads?

    iCloud Storage > Messages > Top Conversations If I’m trying to free up some space, it seems the only way to do so is to delete the thread from the Messages app or from iCloud Storage settings. I thought deleting from iCloud Storage settings would leave the thread intact and just clear out the...
  10. purdnost

    Photo Storage Solution

    I have years of photos and videos on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, they just sit there and I never look at them. I would like a solution where I can access them. I’ve considered putting them all into iCloud, but I don’t really want all that space being used up on my phone, even with...
  11. B

    No Option to Store Messages in iCloud: Catalina

    Hello! I have recently found myself trying to install Xcode onto my MacBook Pro, so that I could learn to code for iOS. To my surprise, the MacBook Pro needs to have over 30 GB in free space to run the installer for Xcode_12.5_beta_2.xip. I've only had about 15 GB free for some time now, and...
  12. Z

    Universal assigning iCloud storage from my computer

    Is it possible to assign iCloud storage to an iPad, but making payments from a desktop computer (eg. iMac)?
  13. F

    iPad Pro Troubles with & Q about Files app storage

    Hey all. I've spent the last couple days offloading large Procreate files from my iPad Pro, routing through Files and then deleting them there once the documents were safely in Dropbox. But now my Files app is near to empty, and it says it's taking up 15 GB. Literally the only thing in my Files...
  14. R

    iPad Anybody else finds this ridiculous? Storage data

    The amount of storage for “other” is almost the same as the system files!! And no way to delete it. So now we are stuckwith double the system data?? No way. iOS is supposed to be better than that. And I’m tired of that “the system will know when you need the space and automatically give you...
  15. A

    Storage in /System/Volumes/Data doesn't add up ("Other" taking a lot)

    I'm confused by the storage stats. I have a macOS Big Sur under APFS (~736 Gi with 578 Gi used) and also a BootCamp Windows (~189 Gi with ~143 Gi used) alongside. "System Information" says I only have ~156G left (= 143Gi) left in macOS, which is consistent with the command df -h as shown below...
  16. M

    Probably a really stupid to see what is in the "other" storage?

    Was looking at how much storage is being used on my base M1 MBA, and there is a section in the storage graph listed as "other", how do I find out what that is? Clicking on manage, then shows me this, but it can't be clicked on to do anything with it?
  17. Sovon Halder

    I really need to upgrade storage of my Mac Mini M1

    It's been 6 days and already I've got a warning "storage almost full". My 3TB HDD sounds like a jet engine when powered on, and hangs up Finder when waking up from sleep, it's very annoying. I need a large storage device for casual use that is QUIET and will be connected to the back of the...
  18. Insidious

    System Info > Storage only shows Used Space for Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Drives

    I have my main HD formatted as APFS and it shows what portions of the drive are apps, movies, music, pics, other, etc. After upgrading to Catalina, I noticed it no longer shows any information for all of my other drives. At first I thought this issue was only affecting my external drives, but I...
  19. dadders6

    "Other" confusion - Catalina brand new iMac

    I get confusing results from the internet. My new iMac, which I've barely loaded anything onto, has an 'other' area taking up 40 gigs, which is a lot on a machine that 'only' has 256g.(about this Mac > storage > manage) I tried a chat with apple care, they just kept referring me to vague...
  20. H

    Why does my Mac report my external SSD storage differently from my PC?

    Made the jump to an M1 Mini from an aging windows PC for my daily driver, and this caught my eye when I plugged in my external SSD that I use to store my music collection. On my PC, it says I have 170 GB free of 465 GB total storage - 48,434 total files. 290 GB total usage on disk. On my new...