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  1. S

    What to use as an Archive unit (of hdds) to the Raid unit :)

    Hi there! I work in photo / video field... I used to send files to my external WDs and then backing that up on other WDs = yes I have a lot of WDs lying around... 2 years ago I switched onto OWC thunderbay 8, which works in RAID with Softraid softeware by OWC. Works beautifully. BUT, the fear...
  2. Helmsley

    Apple Music Documents and Data

    Apple Music documents and data is taking up 5.29 GB of storage on my iPhone, despite me having zero downloads on my device. I have tried removing and re-installing Music to no avail. What is being stored? It seems pretty high to say I have no downloaded songs.
  3. Q

    M3 Max 16" 14 core CPU 30 core GPU Storage/Lifespan

    Hi, I'm looking to get a new Mac and am having some trouble with specs; for context I am coming from a late 2015 MacBook Air (questionable functionality) so anything at this point is a major upgrade. I know this machine is definitely overpowered for what I require but I am looking at it because...
  4. Dae

    Connecting JBOD HDD enclosure via Thunderbolt Mini-SAS adapter?

    I work in film post production and we often receive footage from our clients on a bunch of HDDs (up to 40 drives in a cardboard box!). We're looking for a device, such as a docking station, that would allow us to conveniently connect as many HDDs as possible, simultaneously, to a single Mac...
  5. iosmike

    Increase the storage of Android Studio Emulator on Mac

    I am playing games with Android Studio Emulator on my Macmini. How can I assign more storage for the Android emulator? As the screenshot shows "Total used of 16.00 G". How can I assign more storage than 16.00 G? I have searched a lot online but didn't find an answer! Thanks! Mike
  6. S

    Please Help! iPhone Storage full and will NOT go down no matter what!

    hello, I am having an incredibly frustrating issue with my iPhone (Xs Max, 256, iOS 16.6). Last night, I tried to backup to my Mac, but the process reached 80% then failed. as it was late night, I figured I would back it up today. I had 7GB free storage out of 256gb last night. today I wake up...
  7. M

    What computer should I get

    I’m helping my sister buy a new home computer. She loves photography and takes lots of high resolution photos of wildlife and nature as a hobby. She wants a good computer system that will last her another 6-7 years and that’s not slow. She’s currently getting that spinning beach ball on her 2015...
  8. L

    iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB vs 512GB - your thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I’m currently considering to get an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I'm trying to decide between the 256GB and 512GB storage options. Some say that 256GB is more than enough, but on the other hand, I saw plenty reviews, where a person had to get a new phone only because of the lack of...
  9. on the rocks

    Is SSD Samsung T7 Shield good for storing movies/series? Plus backing up data for the long run?

    Hello I have the following dilemma. At the moment I have a 4K tv always hooked up with my Macbook M1 to watch movies and series I've downloaded. I am planning of buying myself an OLED for a better movie experience. Therefore I will probably also download larger quality content as REMUX files for...
  10. Alex771

    Exploring SSD use cases

    I look at an SSD purchase decision as answering 3 questions: What is the use case? Which access pattern is typical for the use case? Which SSDs perform well with this access pattern? Moving from the second to the third question is ideally done with a good grasp of how the SSD should perform...
  11. Johnny Steps

    Would a base M2 Mac mini be an upgrade from a mid-2018 MacBook Pro?

    I was thinking of trading in a mid-2018 512gb/16gb MacBook Pro towards a base M2 Mac mini. With the education discount bringing the purchase to $64 and then the $100 gift card, I was thinking it would be a good deal. However, I have seen the posts regarding swap memory or slow storage with the...
  12. N

    This Is How I Reduced My System Data/Storage on my iPhone 13 Pro from 56GB to 26GB!

    Hello Everyone! For the record my 13 pro is fully updated as of July 24 2023 and my total phone storage was at 91GB today. My phone is a 512GB model and I use it to make content on social media primarily for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and I also consume content as well. So today for some...
  13. Starfinity

    What should I upgrade on the new Mac Studio, UM or Storage?

    So my job is purchasing a new machine for me next month and I've been looking into what to get. We use Apple products and even before they announced the new Studio at WWDC a few days ago I knew I was going to be getting a Mac Studio. I'm gonna max out the new M2 Ultra chip and (due to budget...
  14. H

    iCloud confusion!

    Hi, I’d like to have some clarification and help on how iCloud works. I have an iMac with 1tb of storage and 2 MacBooks with 256gb of storage. If Optimise is ON all my files on iCloud are downloaded to the 2 MacBooks and run out of storage. My aim is to NOT OPTIMISE the 2 MacBooks and just go...
  15. TechAdjacent

    How is 'Apps' storage is 300gb & 'Users' is 621gb on 500gb Mac? Help!

    Hi guys, My storage keeps fluctuating on its own, sometimes I have 40gb free, next minute 5gb. My Mac says I have used over 300gb storage in Apps. Since I can't find out why this has happened I was hoping you could suggest what is going on. When I look at the 'Manage' section in Storage it...
  16. dkassar

    MacBook M2 Pro Storage Upgrade Dilemma

    I'm in a bit of a pickle regarding storage for my new MacBook M2 Pro. I went with the 12/19 Core with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD, as performance is crucial for my use of multiple programs and moderate video editing. However, I don't really need the extra storage and can always get an external SSD if...
  17. anjanesh

    1TB or 2TB for Docker based projects

    My December 2018 15.6-in i7 MBP 16GB RAM + 500GB SSD. That's close to 200GB free after 4 years ! (well ... I offloaded some 100GB of photos from my decade old DSLR which I no longer have, to DropBox) Wondering if I should go for the M2 MBP with 1TB or 2TB considering now I want to use Docker...
  18. D

    iMac Drive Clone issue.

    I am currently working on an iMac(iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). The computer won't start up due to corruption in the storage confirmed by diagnostic testing. It will however boot into recovery and diagnostic mode. The customer wants me to try to pull any information I can from the hard drive...
  19. Goatllama

    iTunes (Windows) keeps old iPhone software update files indefinitely??

    Posting this because I'm absolutely flabbergasted... I have had a 230 gigabyte folder (AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>iTunes>iPhone software updates) of what appear to be old software updates on my computer. I can't believe that an application was designed with such poor storage management. This...
  20. purdnost

    On-Board and Off-Board iCloud Photos Storage?

    I use iCloud to sync my photos and videos across devices as well as serve as a short-term backup. I don’t want to use iCloud as a long-term backup, however. I like to keep my iCloud library small as I’ve found that Photos runs much more efficiently than hosting my entire vast library. So, I...