1. KeanosMagicHat

    Apple Watch Studio - Choose the Watch you want

    I sent feedback to Apple (as I’m sure many others did) when I bought my Series 4 less than 5 months ago suggesting that we should be able to choose exactly the Watch we want. This is now available online with Apple Watch Studio. At the time I’d have gone for the Silver Aluminium case but...
  2. jazz1

    Just Ordered Pad&Quill NATO Sport Band Ordered!

    I've been a fan of P&Q for sometime. Bags, iPhone cases, watch straps. I just ordered the NATO in blue/white for $29.95 on sale down from $49.00. I'll do a full review, with pics, when I get it. Somehow I think this is more summer wear. I think it is going to look sweet with black metal on my...
  3. Amazing Iceman

    [COUPON] 53% OFF Apple Watch Series 3 Band

    About a week ago I ordered from Amazon this really nice leather band for the Apple Watch for a gift: Using this Amazon coupon code: R7WN3EWR I brought the price down to $ 8.46. It looks really nice, But I think I’m going to have to get a black band to better match my...
  4. ParaShot

    Changing Straps everyday.

    Hi. I just got the Series 3 Watch Nike Black version and I have some questions about it. I really loved the strap collection and colors of it. I want to buy lots of colors and different straps so I can change maybe day by day or at least once in a week. But I'm worried about something. I don't...
  5. bonotis

    Lanyard / loop / strap for iPhone lightning port ?

    Hi there. I've been scratching my head why Apple or someone hasn't come up with a lanyard or loop that would attach directly to the lightning port (just like the Remote Loop for the Apple TV remote). The only lanyards I've found require a case, or, if not, a metal plate with screws (for older...
  6. J

    Straps to compliment Space Gray Aluminium

    Hi All, I'm intrigued to know what bands/straps people have to compliment their Space Grey Aluminium? I've taken the plunge with the John Lewis offer on the 42mm Series 3 Nike+, and will be looking to purchase another strap for more formal wear. Do you have any recommendations on Apple/Third...
  7. tonoboon

    I could stop buying Apple Watch straps

    This morning I took the picture my Apple Watch collection , my wife start complain after she saw all of the straps. :p So maybe it's time to stop ad more the straps . I hope you guys enjoy it. ps. all the strap are Apple band and Hermes , I didn't took the knock off in the frame.
  8. honglong1976

    Nike Band - Flaw?

    I got a Nike Band and it's superb! I really like it. My wrist can breath and it's not as sweaty. My only issue is there are vents on one side but from the pin on the other side, it's like a normal sports band and is blocking the vents, so in effect you only have vents on one side. Anyone else...
  9. H

    apple's accessory for accessory

    some companies are making straps for apple's new airpods. making your wireless into wired
  10. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch & Nylon Band

    I have seen a lot of people have bought the royal blue nylon band to go on the 42mm space grey Apple Watch! Just wondering does anyone have the scuba blue on the Space Grey? Can't decide which one to get! Any photos or thoughts of the scuba blue and space grey combination would be much appreciated !
  11. K

    Space grey Apple Watch & nylon straps

    was in the Apple Store and they didn't have any stock to show me the new nylon bands on the actual space grey watch! I was interested in royal blue nylon but they paired it with Rose gold sport watch so unsure! Anyone get nylon with the space grey watch? Just looking idea to see what's nice...
  12. A

    Looking for Hoco Link Bracelet Strap Spare Links

    Hi All I know this might be a long shot but does anybody have spare links for a Gold 42mm Hoco Link Bracelet Strap. Just received one as a gift but is too small. I bought on Amazon and have searched for a way to contact the seller and Hoco to request extra links but no joy. If anybody has any...