studio display

  1. K

    2013 Mac Pro vs. 2015 Macbook Pro for music studio

    Hey guys, new to the forums here. Would love some help. I'm looking for the ideal Mac for my professional music studio and am choosing between a 2013 Mac Pro and 2015 Macbook Pro. I am currently using a mid 2015 Macbook Pro with 2.8 GHZ i7 with 16gb ram and a 500 GB SSD for both studio and...
  2. didius

    15" Studio Display short-short-short blink, inverter issue?

    I have a 15" studio display which was hooked up to my G4 cube, recently it began to blink. Short-short-short blink, and I cannot adjust the brightness any more. I tried hooking it up to my powermac G4 MDD, and the same problem remains. According to Apple this code would mean "The display is...