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  1. Jiří Podlipný

    Macbook pro 15' and 60W charging

    Hello, I have Macbook pro 15' 2017 and LG 34uc99, which enables me to charge my laptop with USB-C, but only with 60W. I would like to ask if this could somehow corrupt my battery. I am asking because ma MacBook started wobbling a little bit (front pads are a bit in the air - not much you can...
  2. sammy2066

    Mid-2015 rMBP - Swollen battery

    So I noticed my Dad's mid-2015 rMBP wobbling whilst on a flat surface last week. Turns out the battery is swollen and seems like this is not an isolated issue. AppleCare has expired - the local Apple authorized service provider said the repair may be chargeable, and a call with Apple Support was...
  3. goldilocks11

    Battery Swollen - Destroyed my laptop

    A few days a go i was home alone in my bedroom and I heard a very loud bang in the living room. I thought something like a heavy book had fallen onto the floor though I couldn’t find anything. The next morning I realised my MacBook Pro battery had exploded forcing the bottom of the laptop to...
  4. M

    Swollen MacBook Pro Battery - Temporarily Store

    Hi, My wife's Macbook Pro had an issue with the trackpad where it was dislodged and she couldn't remember dropping it. I decided to take a look just to see if it was easy enough to push back into place, so I made a backup of the system, powered down and removed the cord and started removing the...