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  1. blackxacto

    How can i pick and keep my favorite emoji’s in ios15?

    I get tired of my favorite emojis disappearing in the emoji keyboard selector. I want a group of emojis to never change. Is there a way in ios15? Every time i hit the wrong emoji, a true favorite is replaced. Is there a utility or 3rd party app that will allow this?
  2. C

    My phone is changing the letter after “H” to random symbols?

    The other day my phone started changing the letter after “H” to random symbols. For example: I️ is what happened when that letter was typed. Any insight would be great. I’ve tried a factory reset and updated it. The letter works fine when it’s in other words. Thanks!
  3. C

    Line break function Pages

    Hi! I've come across a symbol in Pages when opening a document. I discovered it when selecting Show invisibles under View in the menu bar. It seems to have a simliar function to Enter with one exception when making bullets; Enter creates a new bullet while this symbol seems to make a new line...
  4. baryon

    How can I reliably type the letters ő and ű in OS X?

    I often switch between English and Hungarian while typing, and it would be inconvenient to swap keyboard layouts mid-sentence as many the keys are in different places and I can't memorize them all. I realize that OS X has the "press-and-hold" special character feature, but this feature doesn't...