sync issues

  1. G

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 Plus imports some shared photos into my library, help!

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus and have had this problem for several years. I have some shared albums with lots of photos from family members but I don't want to import those photos into my main library. On my Mac, my main library photos do not include these shared photos, they are only in their...
  2. B

    iPad New to MacOS: Photo order syncing problem on iPad

    So, I read comic books on my iPad by syncing folders containing images from an established directory on my desktop. When I did this from my Windows machine, the pages would show up on my iPad in numerical order, meaning, the files on my desktop were named as such: image01, image02, image03, etc...
  3. D

    Solution to 'Big Sur Can't Find Photos Library' during Finder sync

    In Photos preference, click on the "Use as System Photo Library"; this regenerates the path to your library.
  4. M

    Problems syncing Photos -> iOS? Possible fix.

    Every since moving to Big Sur/M1 I've been unable to sync Photos with my iOS devices. I get the dreaded "Your photos couldn't be synced because the photo library wasn't found." Pretty much every tip online didn't work. In my case the problem seems to be that MacOS is unable to generate/sync the...
  5. M

    Problems with synchronisation

    Hi everyone, I don't think anybody has reported something like this. Yesterday I did a clean install of Big Sur on my MacBook Pro 13'' 2017. Previous version was Mojave. Installation went ok but there are a few things off, one of them is actually boring me a lot.. Passwords are not...
  6. adib

    Screen Time doesn't sync

    It seems there's a synchronization problem with Screen Time. My weekly utilization figures are vastly different when viewed on my Mac as opposed to my iPad and also iPhone. This is despite I've selected all devices in the reporting. Here are last week's _average utilization_ figures: mac: 9h...
  7. eboychik

    iPhone 10.13 won't sync in Catalina via finder

    My iPhone Xs shows in the finder, and all the old iTunes sync options show up in the finder window when I click on the phone in the sidebar, but nothing actually syncs. The "sync" completes but nothing is added to the phone - music, photos, books. Anyone else? And anyone figure it out?
  8. L

    iCloud is totally nuts - HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so I'll first introduce myself. My name is Lucas, I'm from Argentina and I've been using Apple products (MacBook, iPhone and iPad) for the last 10 years. Let's cut through the chase to the problem I've been facing for the past 2 weeks. I have a 50GB plan on...
  9. stylinexpat

    New iPad Pro 11 USB-C Data transfer speeds

    Over the years syncing with a MacBook Pro has been a nightmare with syncing speeds being very slow using the standard lightning Cable we got. I am wondering how much faster this new cable will be for syncing with iTunes compared to before on previous iPads and iPhones. I did notice that the new...
  10. V

    iPod touch iPod touch 6 - can't put / sync videos from itunes

    I recently purchased iPod touch 6, I have been struggling in putting videos into the device for hours and it still doesn't work :( 1. checked on the manually manage option - drag and drop for music works but not videos 2. when I drag and drop video file directly into the device, it creates a...
  11. E

    sluggishness in long project in imovie

    wondering if others experience this: that once I start adding in photos with high res. video for over 30 minutes that IMovie starts misbehaving (slow, out of sync sound/picture). I've split 1.5 hr. projects into just 30-40 minutes and the problem is resolved. But it is a hassle to have to...
  12. Basagui

    Icloud music library won’t sync..

    Hey guys. I’ve currently changed my 6 to X. I restored my back up, and everything was all fine and just perfect, until I found out my musics that I put into the 6(mostly J-Pops that are not found in Apple music) won’t sync into my new X. To help you understand my situation, I have four apple...
  13. M

    General Going back to stock os killed iMessage

    Long story short, I had a previous iPad jailbroken and iMessages would sync between it and my iPhone seamlessly. I then updated that iPad to a stock os and suddenly the iPad would no longer receive iMessages. If I tried to send from my iPad the status bar showing it was sent would get stuck in...
  14. R

    Apps Prime Video: audio language selection never sticks.

    Hello, Is it just me or somebody else has this problem? I like to see the content in the language it was originally made. For a lot (most) of the content in the Prime Video app that is English. I am located in Mexico, and even if I have the app configured to display in English (and wherever I...
  15. voshem

    HELP! Restoring jailbroken iphone that won't sync with iTunes

    Hi! So I was foolish enough to buy an iPhone 7 plus off craigslist without examining it thoroughly enough to see that it had been jailbroken. Stupid, I know. Now, I want to restore the iPhone, but iTunes doesn't recognize or sync with the phone. I am at a loss as to what to do. I think the...
  16. jdoll021

    iPhone Playlists in Music App Refuse to Sync

    This problem has been bugging me for awhile now and I have yet to find a fix for it. Every time I update one of my playlists on my iPad or one of my computers, the update refuses to carry over to my iPhone. I just tried duplicating the playlist, syncing my phone with my computer, rebooting it...
  17. C

    sync ipad on mac and pc

    I have an iPad that is formatted for my Mac. I will be traveling this fall and am considering bringing my smaller lighter windows laptop with my ipad. Will my windows laptop be able sync data on and off the ipad? The windows device is a Dell latitude e7270 with windows 10. My ideal situation...
  18. agsmith87

    HomeKit Home Hub status different across iOS devices

    So I have a HomeKit setup running. At home there is one ATV4, used as my home hub. Everything was fine and working. Had to get my iPhone replaced so did a backup and restore. All good. However, now it seems HomeKit won't sync properly. On my iPhone, it says my ATV4 is in standby. When you...
  19. H

    iTunes Genius/iCloud/Match Not Syncing For Many Users

    I discovered this because late last night I decided I had enough of various TouchBar and other OSX issues and went ahead and formatted/reinstalled OSX. This morning I went to resync my iTunes library, and kept getting the error "Genius results can’t be updated right now. The network connection...
  20. 4jasontv

    Apple TV App: Edit/Force syncing

    I just picked up an Apple TV 4k (32gb) and started signing into services I pay for. The feature that really sold me was the Apple TV app that brings all of your content together into one place. I really like the idea, but I can't figure out how to get the Apple TV app caught up to where I am in...