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system services

  1. H

    System Services using data even when mobile data is switched off.

    Just noticed this this morning after updated to 14.5.1. Last night, system services had used 131kb. This morning it was 200kb more, all from DNS services. Reset it again and 20 minutes later, it was up to 10kb, all from push notifications. Now the data obviously isn't high, but that is not the...
  2. Kendoss

    Unknown app running help please

    What is this unkown app and icon??? What is going on with iphone and apps...A friend of mine has a second “facebook” app running in the settings- system services. But cant find the actual app in home screen. The app has a strange ios icon as you can see in attachement. i am not sure if this...
  3. H

    System Services use locations 24/7

    Hi there, I am experiencing some issues since the latest release (10.1., the just recently released minor as of 10/31/16 update didn't change anything) Some of my system services are constantly using my locations, which seems to drain my battery heavily. It does not matter at all whether I am...
  4. R

    DNS Services using 466 of the 515 MB used so far... why??

    Hello, I just noticed on my carrier's app that my usage was way up for the usual in me. It's been 3 days since the last reset and I have already consumed around 512Mb of the 4Gb I have available. In a normal month I usually use maybe 1Gb or 2 *at most*, so in 3 days having used 512Mb is just a...