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  1. ckuttner

    Tax prep software or online?

    I have a MacBook Pro (late 2015) running Mojave. I used TurboTax (formerly MacInTax) but dropped it when they weren’t compatible with my old MacBook’s OS, and switched to H&R Block’s software, which has worked fine for the past 2-3 years for me. Now, I’m faced with a lot more choices: TurboTax...
  2. albertthecurious

    iPhone 8(+) Buying an iPhone in D.C. or NYC

    Hi All, I'm from Europe and I'm going to be in the States in Summer and I plan to buy a new iPhone in D.C or in NYC because it's more cheaper than in Europe. So, I would like to ask you about it. 1. Which states have lower sales tax? 2. Once I bought the iPhone, do I have to pay more tax when...
  3. A

    Tax on revenue from sold iPhones

    Hi everyone here on MacRumors, I've got a simple question related to trading iPhones. In my spare time I buy and sell iPhones, and in the past month I've made a significant profit from them (I sold quite a few ones to a phone repair shop that bought them all). My question is will I have to pay...
  4. A

    married single income, 0 W4 allowances.

    Hi folks, For a married couple with a single income, I would like to know what is the difference when we W4 is being filled as single. W4 is being filled as Married, with 0 allowances. Do both (1) and (2) withhold the same amount from the paycheck? or (2) by default, results in less amount...