1. seitsme

    does 64chars Telephone app comes with OSX HS

    hi all. Can anyone confirm that with the installation of OSX High sierra, an app called Telephone, is installed part of the package in the apps folder. Maker is '64 Characters'. I never noticed this app and today software update prompts me to update it. Not sure what it is and where it came from.
  2. Z

    telephone calls the old way

    Is there an accessory to give the ability for an iPhone to connect to a good old telephone cable in order to make phone calls?
  3. D

    Telephone that connects to iMac

    Hi there, This product may not exist but I thought this wold be the best place to find out. I am in the UK and use a landline phone like everyone else, but does anyone know of any telephones that I can connect to the iMac as well so I can see on my screen who is calling me and also dial out...