1. B

    Is Mac Mini 70-80° CPU Proximity temperature is high?

    I bought a second-hand Mac Mini (5,2) for Plex. CPU Proximity temperature often raises above 70°-80° (when copying files). Should I be worried / consider returning the Mac Mini? Or is it in the normal threshold (meaning I can probably use it for a couple of years to come).
  2. S

    How good are the current (2019 - 2020) iMacs with thermals?

    Hey I'm thinking of getting an iMac sometime in the near future. I was wondering how it does with heat management, specifically for heavier tasks like video and 3D rendering? I know they're powerful enough but when I see how thin they are I wonder about how they keep cool. Currently I have a...
  3. mohammad.golche

    imac 2011 27" power supply problems

    i have an imac 2011 27" , imac PSU was making the electrical buzzing noise. i replaced it with another PSU . now imac is silent but cpu fan is running at max rpm speed (4200). i checked HWMonitor temperatures and PSU temperature was 130 c , but PSU is not hot. please help me... where is...
  4. T

    cpu Temperatures

    Hey i got a question. I have a widget installed named "fanny". that tells me the current cpu temperature. But also at the same time i have terminal running sudo powermetrics -s smc | grep -i „CPU die temperature“. Comparing now both temperatures there are off all the time. sometimes off by 10...
  5. JustinTheAppleNewbie

    M1 Macbook 13" Heat issue or standard?

    Hi, I've recently bought a new m1 macbook 13" and so far I've enjoyed it to the fullest. But the other day i tried something that raised questions in my mind. Now i know that the macbook 13" isn't intended for gaming, but i felt like trying some of my favorite titles to see how they ran on it. I...
  6. purdnost

    HomeKit Philips Hue White Ambiance Turning on with HomeKit with Different Temps

    I recently purchased a Philips Hue White Ambiance starter kit. I set up my automations with HomeKit, but my lamps all turn in with different temperatures. I’ve noticed there’s a way to set brightness and temperature in automations, but the temperature setting doesn’t seem to stay. Is this a...
  7. T

    Weird GPU temperature behaviour on iMac (late 2014) with macOS 10.15

    Lately (maybe over the last year or so) the machine has started spontaneously entering sleep mode now and then during use. This is during non-gaming use, even while just web surfing, but more easily reproduced when doing things like viewing Google Maps in 3D. (Plus whatever macOS might be doing...
  8. 1

    Alarmingly High CPU Temperature on 2020 27" iMac

    Ran Cinebench and Fanny is reporting 127º C on the CPU die (i5-10500), which is insane. Oddly enough, Intel Power Gadget shows temperatures immediately increasing to 100.0º C and then just capping off there, which is almost suspicious. Any thoughts on what's with the 127º C?
  9. D

    Should I be worried about heat?

    I have a 2020 i5 8GB Macbook Air. I noticed that the temperatures reach 90+ degrees celsius when opening intensive applications (FCPX or Photoshop) or opening many tabs and applications . Sometimes the fan also reaches 8000rpm when using the webcam for 30mins or more. However I do not really...
  10. C

    Guide: MacBook Air Heatsink and Heat Pad Mod

    Based on the heatsink modification megathread, and on the advice and guidance from users like @DanSilov, @Loog, @Robotronic, @kinchee87, and others I'm forgetting, I performed both the heatsink and the heat pad mods on my 2020 i7 MBA. The results have been absolutely amazing. Even though all of...
  11. Appledoesnotlisten

    16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

    I received a base 16" today and am disappointed because it get's as hot as my 2017 with an external 4K monitor. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? I always work with external monitors and running on high resolution and this heating performance is upsetting. It's not cooler than the...
  12. lumchai

    16" Macbook Pro Thermals

    Howdy, I recently bought the base i9 16" Macbook Pro and use it mainly for MacOS for rendering and Software Dev. I also have bootcamp running mainly for some medium-heavy gaming and have Mac Fan Control installed alongside Throttlestop. I have turbo boost disabled in Throttlestop and custom...
  13. C

    2015 27" iMac spontaneously reboots w/kernel panic

    My 3.3GHz i5 2015 27" iMac has the nasty habit of spontaneously rebooting itself periodically. Looking in Termina at the termination code, it reports "-64" which is "unknown." I have eliminated the possibility of a bad memory module by removing 1 of the 4 modules in turn to see if the kernel...
  14. jeccsron

    A real review of MBA 2020 about temperature i3 vs i5

    This video is about temperature. Dual-Core i3 vs. Quad-Core i5 Test: YouTube, Facebook on Safari-Chrome (many tabs), Netflix, AppleTV, calculator, notepad, etc. "Normal use"
  15. E

    Does overheat damage the speakers?

    I have found my mbp 16 running for hours with closed lid and when i touched the aliminum body, all the places were extremely hot. Does this damage to speakers? the other parts seems normal (benchmark tests normal)
  16. E

    I have found my mbp running and extremely hot when the lid was closed

    I have finished my works closed the lid and went outside after a few hours when i returned home i found my 16 mpb running with closed lid and was extemely hot. at this point does this situation cause a permanent performance drop due possible hardware damage and does this damage to LCD because...
  17. N

    MBP 16 Temperatures

    Hi all, Could the proud owners of the new MBP 16" please post here the CPU temperatures they get during various usage scenarios ? Like cold boot, idle, Office work, Excel crunching, VM start, VM updates, Dev, Video editing (timeline, encoding), Lightroom imports, Photoshop filters, etc. I'm...
  18. U

    Fan control software

    Hello guys, I've been having some trouble with heat on my macbook pro mid 2012 and I downloaded a software called "SMC fan control", it's icon is a nuclear sign by the way. So whenever the heat builds up to 60 degrees or higher I speed up the fans somewhere around its maximum speed (6000rpm)...
  19. O

    2019 MBP - High CPU temp

    So I recently bought the new base 2019 MBP and while I didn't buy it for games or the sort I do enjoy the occasional league of legends and such. When I tried LoL on the Mac it was super smooth with high fps but the cpu was a constant 90 degrees celsius with fans at 100%. Is this harmful to the...
  20. M

    Late 2009 iMac 27" Fan issues, GPU problem?

    Hello everyone, I purchased an iMAC 2374 a year ago off of a local site for my wife. This is the 27" model with the ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb. Since we've had it, the fan would run loud and fast so when I was searching around on forums, I saw reference that this might be a symptom of a failing...