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  1. Q

    How to batch edit the hyperlinks *inside* of words/phrases in a rich-text document?

    Hey everyone, The following example is entirely hypothetical. Let's say I keep a large list of historical events in a rich-text document with the following pattern: *Historical event* | YouTube video 1 | YouTube video 2 | ... Inside each of the "YouTube video" phrases is a hyperlink that...
  2. Huntn

    Permission Issue after Mojave Install

    As per title, did Mojave do this? Is there a way to unlock them? It does tell me I can duplicate a file to then be able to edit it. Thanks! Update: It's looking like this is a permissions issue with the disk image these files are stored on.. Although I am logged in as an administrator and it...
  3. 6

    How can you clear all document version history?

    I use an app called Clean My Mac 3, which helps you free up space on your hard drive by cleaning unnecessary resources. It's a great app that, among other things, can automatically clear Page, Keynote, and Numbers document versions–which can save gigabytes of space if you use these apps a lot...
  4. wrembry

    Touch Bar in Google Docs?

    Hey everyone! So I love using the text editing features that appear on the touch bar when typing in Pages, Word, or other text boxes that allow for the use of bold, italicized, underlined, and other text editing and customization features. For some reason, though, MacOS doesn't show these...
  5. D

    Can't save file in TextEdit.

    First, I'm running MacOS X 10.11.6 on a MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2009). Problem showed up today. I create a new blank document in TextEdit. I write what I need into the doc, then press ⌘+S to Save. I name the file with (in this example) "test save.rtf" When I click the <save> button, I get...