1. S

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 doesn’t have LTE when taking a phone call?

    I noticed that every time I take a phone call, my iPhone 11 switches to 4G until the call is over then switches back to LTE. This happens in every call in multiple locations. Isn’t it supposed to stay in LTE? I don’t know if I never paid attention to this and it was always like that with my...
  2. michial

    iPhone 11 Pro IPhone 8 for 11 pro with same phone number.

    Question. I’m on TMobile. My son has an iPhone 8 and I have a Xs. Both are on my plan. I’m going to give him my Xs iphone and I want to trade in his phone to Apple to get the new 11 pro. So I want to know if we can make my Xs have his number and his iPhone 8 have my phone#. Can we just swap out...
  3. R

    iPhone XS on iOS 12.1 on T-Mobile network issues

    Hello all! When I first got my iPhone XS with iOS 12.0, I never saw any of the issues that others had seen with LTE connectivity. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 12.1 (which supposedly fixed the bug) I am now seeing some intermittent issues. It has only happened a couple of times though. Once I...
  4. Stayfly2407

    Verizon iPads will be on MyVerizon app Tomorrow!

    For those who are looking to preorder for Verizon, I just left a Corporate Verizon store and happen to speak to a manager, they’ll have the new iPads on their app and website starting tomorrow. Other carriers may be the same.
  5. C

    iPhone XR Which carrier model to preorder?

    I'm planning to preorder an iPhone XR but am unsure which carrier model to get. I currently am using tmobile but may switch to another carrier soon as my data connection has not been that great. Not 100% sure which carrier I'll switch to and wanted to get a model that's compatible with any...
  6. E

    Iphone X reception

    3 weeks in, Just wondering if anyone here had the intel moden iphone x first on the Tmobile network and has done the move to the verizon qualcomm modem on the Tmobile network, do you see any performance differences on the tmobile network between the two ? (Don’t care about speed that much...
  7. C

    Carrier My T-Mobile Iphone Works with Verizon

    Here's what happened: I bought my 6s Plus in 2016 at a T-mobile retail store and after 6 month or so I decided to switch to Verizon for wider coverage and better signal. At that time I was completely unaware of the GSM/CDMA things, so I just paid off my bill and unlocked my phone on T-Mobile's...
  8. J

    iPhone X hairline scratches from out of the box

    I received my iPhone X on November 3rd but it wasn’t until today that I just took off the screen protector that it comes with to put on a glass one. I noticed several one inch long hairline scratches when held up to the light. I’ve never dropped it and I had the screen film on the whole time. I...
  9. Leica Dad

    T-Mobile messed up, receiving extra iPhone X 11/3, what should I do?

    So I ordered mine on Apple Store app after it finally refreshed, the shipping date was showing 1-2 weeks. Then I tried on T-mobile website and successfully ordered one, however, the website crashed a few times so the shipping method was changed to normal(7 days, free) rather than...
  10. G

    iPhone X pre-order to use in spain

    Hi, I’m Spanish. I’m going to travel to New York in December. I want to place pre-order for iphone X and send it to a friend in NY. I don’t want carrier contract, but SIM-FREE iphone X isn’t available. So, my only option is to buy TMobile version because I can add to bag in apple store online...
  11. bonjourx

    Can anyone explain how AW works with the LTE plan?

    ive been reading how everyone is saying that there's a $10 bucks charge monthly plan fee for the series 3, I checked on ATT Site, I can get the Apple Watch 3 using an installment plan for 21 If I'm not mistaken. So is it the installment plan which is $21 bucks monthly plus $10bucks = $31 monthly...
  12. D

    "TMobile Just got Burned by Iphone X"

    Anyone's thoughts on this article? My thoughts it will just work on tmobile LTE without band 71.
  13. K

    Iphone Upgrade program Question

    I have a question for those of you with prior experience with the program who are T-Mobile customers. I'm not currently enrolled in the Iphone upgrade program, but would like to enroll in it with the launch of the Iphone 8. I know that for T-Mobile the enrollment has to be done in stores...
  14. S

    Carrier Weird Frequency Band in Diagnostics

    Hello! I know this is kind of random, but I've been goofing off looking at cellular data recently and playing with the field test info just kind of learning more about how it works. Yesterday I noticed it showed a Freq Band Indicator of 2002256134. Normally I'm used to seeing the normal bands...
  15. I

    T-Mobile and 10.2 app failures

    Not as much activity in the iOS forum, so I'll try this here: Hey guys, not sure if there's one centralized list yet. Lets get one going. Please list apps that stopped working for you after iOS 10.2. List the app, if fixed or not, and carrier I have Tmobile. 1. Ring Doorbell - Only worked on...
  16. I

    T-Mobile users / Instagram SLOWWW

    Not sure where else to post this, but i figured it get responses here. Last month i switched to TMobile and notice that Instagram is runs very slow, even when I have great LTE signals. Videos won't load all the way without stopping to buffer. Picture load decently, but take about 2 seconds...
  17. janeauburn

    Kudos to t-mobile

    Went to Europe for 2 weeks. Fully expected to have to swap out the SIM or pony up for 500 MB of high-speed data thru tmobile. Lo and behold, when I land, tmobile sent me a text saying that they are providing unlimited high speed data through the end of december. Super. Saved me a bunch. LTE...
  18. S

    Call issues

    I've had T-Mobile for over a year and I know their service is not stellar but it works for me (also don't want to pay more for service). I've had the 6S since last year and reception has been fine. Ever since I got the 7 a couple weeks back, people have told me they need to call me twice in...
  19. typegeek

    Not Quite Sure What to Do

    So I am with Tmobile as my carrier. I have an iPhone 5s that is holding on by its teeth (screen is separating so touch capabilities are spotty at best). At first I tried to preorder a Matte Black Tmobile 7+ 129gb on the 9th at 2:01am for the upgrade program, then found I could not and by the...
  20. B

    Just got an IUP email update!

    Apple said they'll have my specified model available for pick up at my preferred store on Monday the 26th. I called their number about 6 hours after I saw the MacRumors post about people calling in and having the special team aid them. Not bad, all I wanted was to upgrade to the T-Mobile 256GB...