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touch bar macbook pro

  1. iganovir

    Macbook Pro M1 Sleep Mode Issue - Touch Bar Backlight gone after wake up from sleep mode

    Hi, I'm a new macbook user. I have macbook pro m1 that i just bought 3 weeks ago. Everything is fine, the battery is fine, the performance is super fine till one day I left my mac on sleep mode while having an android phone that connect to my thunderbolt via a connector. Then after I turn on my...
  2. stego618

    MacBook Pro with Touchpad Mojave Updates

    I am in an Enterprise environment and we have some MacBook Pro's 2016 to 2017 and about to get 2018 and the 2017 with Touchbar are a pain when it comes to upgrading to Mojave. According to Apple because of the Touchbar if you are in a proxy environment...
  3. ZIGGY76

    LOGIC BOARD / macbook pro 15" touch bar 2017

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum. I've a problem that distresses me with my mac book pro 15" touch bar 2017. I bought it new in an Apple official reseller few months ago, and I've used it for just one month. The problem is: the logic board is died! So now, I ask to you: Is this a known...
  4. S

    2016 / 2017 MacBook Pro's | Read Before Purchasing

    It seems people from around the world are experiencing a plethora of hardware faults with these new MBP's. This is not a troll post but a post from someone who is incredibly frustrated about the way Apple is handling or not handling these faults and is failing to even acknowledge that they are...
  5. A

    2017 13 non-TB MBP vs 2016 13 TB MBP

    I need some help in finalizing between 2017 13 non-TB MBP i5 and 2016 13 TB MBP i5. My main usage is for software development. Will be running a couple of VSCode/Eclipse editors and a couple of node/Tomcat servers. Currently, my work machine is a 2015 15 2.5GHz i7 MBP with 16GB RAM and still I...
  6. smirking

    Security Locks for MacBook Pros?

    Well, I recently became the owner of a new 15" MBP with TouchBar, otherwise known as a very expensive piece of kit that I wouldn't want to gain legs and explore the world without me. I came up from a mid-2012 Unibody MBP that was the last to have a security slot built into the body so the idea...
  7. J

    2016 MBP Mission Control Glitch

    I recently got a base model 13" MBP w/ touch bar. I really enjoy using mission control (I currently have 9 desktops), and I have the 4-finger swipe shortcut enabled. However occasionally when I go to swipe, it skips over a desktop and moves either two to the left or right, when I swipe left or...
  8. fikonhjul

    Had your MacBook Pro (late 2016) Touch Bar replaced?

    I'm looking in this forum and over att Apple's Discussions, trying to gauge the size of this. I find a quite a few people who've got or are getting a replacement for their faulty new MacBook Pro (late 2016) -- or are still waiting for Apple's response after their computer's been declared to be...
  9. A

    How to use the Touch Bar without looking at the keyboard

    This video shows a built-in accessibility feature that displays the Touch Bar onscreen when interacting with it: I know it was possible by using Touché, but this shows where your finger is and disappears once you're done.
  10. tg_nyc

    Possible fix for most battery issues with new MacBook Pro

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this thread because I'm one of those people who spent a small fortune on a new 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and was freaking out watching his battery dwindle to about 2-3 hours per charge. I tried all of the workarounds, called Apple tech support, and searched all of...
  11. dannys1

    A week with the 15" Touch Bar MacBook Pro - The Good/Bad.

    Thought i'd post my thoughts after a week with the system. Overall I really like it, but it's not without it's niggles - so my observations so far. (Spec 15" Touch Bar, 2.9ghz i7, 16gb ram, 1TB SSD, Radeon 460) The Good. Silence. It's so nice to have a silent MacBook Pro. My 2015 MacBook Pro...
  12. vpro

    Touch bar 15"MacBook Pro keyboard covers and hardshell covers???

    I have only located the keyboard cover for the latest 15" MacBook Pro with touch bar, but no hardshell case yet? Anyone?