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  1. lightningbiscotti

    Help analyzing crash (2018 Macbook pro Touch bar)

    Hey, I'm trying to figure out why my MAC crashed today with this error: Panic(CPU 0, time 53425068162621): NMIPI for unresponsive processor: TLB flush timeout, TLB state:0x0 RAX: 0x0000000084dbc5f9, RBX: 0x0000000000000001, RCX: 0x000000005e653115, RDX: 0x00000000000066a9 RSP...
  2. artem.sadovnikov

    Spark Mail Client & Touch Bar

    Hello everyone. I have a Spark client on my MacBook Pro 16. Everything is fine, but there is one BIG problem for me. I haven't found the solving anywhere. When I open the New Message there are four columns: To, From, Subject and the letter area itself. Usually in every text editors touch bar...
  3. dogcalas

    MBP 2016 13" continuously restart by Kernel Panic caused by Touchbar

    After a clean install of macOS 10.15.6, The Mac continuously (in random moments) restart by Kernel Panic. When checking the logs, I can tell that the problem is caused by an "undefined kernel instruction" in the WatchOS 3.0 (14Y908). "os_version":"Watch OS 3.0 (14Y908)" "bug_type":"210"...
  4. AjTee

    MBP 2020: Is the touchbar lightning as it should?

    Hi Guys, I just my new MBP 2020. Never had MacBook with Touch Bar before. I wonder if my Touch Bar lights correctly with correct colorisation. Is everything correct? Sorry for a question, but I am checking everything because of 14 days return period. Please see photo below. Regards, J.
  5. O

    Pissed off by Apple's current MacBook lineup

    Firstly, I got MacBook Air 13 "2013 in 2013. What I joy that machine was for me ... Excellent keyboard, smooth GUI workflow, long lasting battery life (while learning C ++ I was able to code and surfing web for at least 9 hours), magsafe. I became addicted to Mac OS X. It is the best OS. Later I...
  6. A

    Yellow patch on MacBook Pro 2018 screen

    umm ive been having this issue with the bottom of my screen going yellow, true tone and night shift are off and this is still happening. Anyone know how to resolve this or if its a hardware issue?
  7. Inacio Victor

    Macbook Pro 15 2018 Touchbar não inicializa - does not boot the system

    Macbook Pro 15 2018 Touchbar não inicializa - does not boot the system Macbook Pro 15 2018 com touch bar. Peço desculpas pelos erros de Ingles, nao escrevo fluentemente. Ao apertar o botao de ligar o computador liga mas nao apresenta nada na tela nem luzes no teclado. (Sei que ele...
  8. gertrud_s

    Touch Bar water damage

    Hi, I accidentally spilled water on the left side of my Macbook Pro 2017 Touch Bar. I put it in rice for 24 hours, and just now turned it on. Everything but the touch bar now seems to be working - there is just no light coming from it. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
  9. shaan104

    I want to prevent the Touch Bar from sleeping when left inactive

    I just bought a new MacBook with Touch Bar and when ever I'm watching something, or the Touch Bar is left inactive, it dims and sleeps which is really annoying to me. Is there any terminal command or apple script through which I can disable this feature. I searched all the settings and it isn't...
  10. diegotheplantboy

    Flexgate post removed TWICE from

    Just wanted to show proof that apple has and continued to remove my posts with any mention of flexgate. At first, ny original post did not contain pictures, and it remained on the website for about tow to three days. The moment I added pictures it got deleted, which I followed to make another...
  11. W

    Update on my used MacBook Pro 13 2016

    Hi everyone! so I posted a thread about a used MacBook Pro 13 inch 2016 that I bought like a month ago, I been using it since then while still having available my previous one a 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro, my main concern was and still is the keyboard issues but more importantly the flex gate...
  12. ChrisDB

    MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2016-2017-2018 slow response time and weak iGPU drives me crazy

    So let me start , I've been a Mac fan since 2014 , I've gone throught several MacBook Airs and Pros 2012-2015 and they've been excelent . Now I want to buy a new computer but there are several problems with new devices . 1. The new screen on 2016 and 2017 13 inch and 15 inch have SLOW RESPONSE...
  13. H

    Gaming on MacBook Pro 2016 with Touchbar

    I want to play games on my MacBook but I don't think it will be able to sufficiently run them, so I was wondering if buying the Samsung T5 external SSD (500gb one) would be a good idea? The plan is to install windows bootcamp onto the T5 and put my games on it so I can plug it in and play...
  14. T

    Mbp to nMP swap

    Hi all I don’t use my MacBook pro enough so I’m thinking about switching it to a Mac Pro 2013 quad core base model. I have a old pc I use for CS GO once a week, maybe the Mac Pro can replace that machine too. Do you guys think this is a fair deal...
  15. iceman45575

    Does the Touchbar come with Plastic on it?

    Hello everyone, I am the proud owner of a new 15 inch 2018 MacBook Pro. I just opened the box and noticed that the Touchbar looks a little off. I was wondering if when new they come with a little plastic screen over it. If there is I can't seem to find it, and I don't want to scratch or break...
  16. bonjourx

    Macbook pro 2018 15' weird crackling/ static fan noise on low, is it normal?

    Ive noticed that my new MacBook Pro 2018 15inch is making a very minimal crackling/ static fan noise. you don't hear it when the fan is blowing so much. but when the fan is not on full force and just on low I could hear the very minimal crackling/ static noise. its not always there and its not...
  17. boodle

    The Out-of-Touch Bar is a UI/UX disaster.

    More than two years in and I have yet to find anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Time waster not a time saver; decreases efficiency and removes one-touch access to critical functions like volume and brightness control. Hidden sliders? Really? Look down, locate, touch to expand, locate the...
  18. blewbot

    2018 MBP "Hey Siri" stopped working

    The Hey Siri on my New 2018 MBP was working great out of the box. But now all of the sudden it only works if i manually activate siri from the touch bar or menu bar and ask her something. then she listens for "Hey Siri" for follow up commands ONLY while the Siri dialogue is up. once it...
  19. L

    Resolved TouchBar: how to move ESC and Fn keys further left?

    I would like to have the ESC and Fn keys align as per pre-touchbar models (e.g. about 1cm further left). How? Cannot fathom UI to BetterTouchTool and don't have the time (due to work commitments) to delve deeply into this. NB have done a search on Google, but unable to find anyone with the...
  20. C

    Which Macbook Pro configuration should I buy?

    Hello, I would like to get a MacBook Pro – it will be my first Apple computer. But I don’t really know which configuration to choose. I want to code using Eclipse and Xcode, edit pictures using Affinity Photo, edit Videos (usually 1080p but maybe sometimes 4K) and I would like to try out 3D...