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  1. D

    Tracker sequencers for Mac

    I was thinking about the old Amiga A500 I threw out a few years back and remembering back to what I used it for the most. I fondly recall the many hours spent using the SoundTracker MOD players and sequencers which I used to just cobble together throwaway bits of music with. Is there anything...
  2. O

    Universal GA Flight Tracker, Navigation and Recording

    Hi all, Give this one a quick spin and let me know your thoughts! This one gives ForeFlight a run for it's money - all in that this app is FREE to use with many great navigation features. This app also allows you to record onboard audio, broadcast your flight in real-time to their website and...
  3. kruil

    iPhone Monetal - Expense tracker: SMS/Email parsing, no Ads

    Monetal - Expense Tracker Offering a clean and intuitive interface, the application makes it super easy and fun for you to track expenses! Hi everybody! I am indie dev of Monetal - a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to revolutionise the way users manage their finances, helping them...
  4. H

    Lock for MB Air & Finder Q.s

    I decided to buy a MBA 13 inch 256GB SSD for my son, who is going away to college in 2 weeks (yay, for him, and yay, for me for a future clean bathroom!). I'd like to know: What kind of lock or device can I buy for him to attach it to his dorm desk or something so it doesn't get stolen? I've...
  5. adsmeister

    Apps Dungeon Tracker - A unique fitness game for Apple Watch

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share my new Apple Watch and iPhone project. My name's Adam and I run a small, independent Australian game development company called Asura Productions. Our first project is Dungeon Tracker. Dungeon Tracker is a hybrid fitness tracker/role-playing video game, one...
  6. smacrumon

    Better - a new content blocker for iPhone and iPad.

    This came into my inbox from those forward thinking people at Nice clean ethical design with a strong purpose for the app. More details at the site: (Note that I do not have any affiliation with with the app or the makers.) Their email begins:
  7. RumorzGuy

    Look for Some Old Hotline Apps

    Hello, I am looking for three old Macintosh programs which were used with the now-defunct Hotline Communications Ltd. network. I would like to add them to my small collection of Hotline software, which forms a part of my "software museum" on my Hotline server. The following items have been...
  8. trumptrackerapp

    Universal Trump Tracker - A tremendous #1 best selling app

    See how close Trump is to winning the nomination with this #1 best selling state of the art sophisticated app, the best app ever made. Voted the #1 best designed app of all time.
  9. Oblivious.Robot

    iOS 9.3 health app bug.

    So after the update, with the redesign of the health app in iOS 9.3 there appears to be a bug in Steps data. As some of you may know, we can view our steps in hour/day/week/month/year cycle, but the things get interesting when you try to see yearly cycle, which should have been for me somewhere...
  10. P

    iPhone Gone So Far - Track your distance walked and compare to goals!

    Hello everyone! I just launched my first app on the app store and I'm excited to spread the word about it! Gone So Far is an app that I created to help motivate myself to get outside and go for a walk more often. I found that even though I could look at my phone at the end of the day, just...