1. HappyDude20

    I Want to Track My 8 Year Old Child.. Help Me.

    Good morning, So, I’ll get straight into it: I have an 8 year old that is in elementary school and we purchased an iPhone SE for her a year ago after everyone in the family and extended family already had iPhones and she wanted to play Angry Birds and Fortnite, among other reasons like wanting...
  2. pearapps

    iPhone Steps+

    Steps+ is the best app to track of your steps on your iPhone (+ Apple Watch). Whether you want to lose weight, or just track what parts of your day is the most active, or anything in between - Steps+ is the pedometer application for you! With unique features such as; an hourly breakdown of...
  3. omihek

    What do you want Siri Shortcuts to be able to do?

    I'm really looking forward to Siri Shortcuts, but I'm almost certain it won't be able to do the main thing I would like it to do, which is listen for keywords in my command and do certain actions based on the keyword(s) rather than based only on entire commands. I would use "I'm" or "I am" as...
  4. Chrjy

    iPhone ZUVOLO - Just Launched, Location Sharing With Friends

    Hi guys, We have just launched ZUVOLO - Our Social Location Sharing app on the App Store. Very much a first version but with the basics in place. We will be working on a whole load of features and we would welcome your feedback! Try it out and share with friends, family, and colleagues...
  5. C

    Content Blocker for Javascript with Exceptions?

    Does anyone know of a content blocker for iOS that will let me basically block all Javascript in Safari, but carve out exceptions for particular sites? Bonus points if I could also have those sites on the exception list be subject to normal blocking (e.g., two levels, either no Javascript, or...
  6. Q

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone analytics

    Hi all, Some technical advice please. Running iOS 11.3. I’m pretty security conscious and therefore took to disabling location services in my settings for all apps bar find my iPhone and sos. I also uninstalled Maps and other system apps which I rarely used. I don’t have many other apps bar...
  7. chrisallen87

    Install Slim Tile into MacBook Pro 2017 with Touchbar

    My MacBook Pro was recently stolen and I bought a new one. Now that this has happened, I am working toward taking precautions with my brand new Macbook 2017 model with the touchbar. Toward that end, I'm thinking of adding a bluetooth Slim Tile INSIDE the computer (which would give me the...
  8. LordCoe13

    HomePod Tracking Number

    I am able to see 2 deliveries for 2/9/2018 in UPS MyChoice. I can only imagine them being the 2 HomePods that I ordered. My phone number is in the reference number section for others trying to find their tracking numbers! Anyone else seeing this?
  9. Eob_boys

    Suggestions on apps to track referrals for small medical office

    Looking for any suggestions on a app to track referrals for medical office.
  10. T

    iPhone X Shipping Info (Dec. 8)

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question. Has anyone ordered an iPhone within the last week? If so, would you be willing to post if it’s being shipping from California (Elk Grove), China, or elsewhere? I ordered an iPhone earlier today (12/8) directly from Apple and would like to know if it is...
  11. M

    Automatically recognize exercise?

    I switched to the Apple Watch from a Fitbit Blaze. The thing I miss most about my Fitbit is the way it automatically tracked and logged exercise by what I was doing. Walking outside, running on an elliptical, cycling etc are all automatically logged and counted towards your exercise goals. They...
  12. M

    iPhone 7 Plus - Delivery Tracking

    Hi guys, I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before. But I need to make some sense out of the whole delivery/tracking system that's handled by Apple followed by the courier. Could someone please advise me on how the whole thing works? Also how long does it usually take for the item to...
  13. honglong1976

    Apps Autosleep tracking £1.49

    Just noticed this on my lunch for £1.49 Only come out in Dec. Anyone used it? I tried Pillow/Sleep++ and Sleep Watch (too expensive but automatically tracks sleep). May give this a go.
  14. macpoetter

    Web Map API

    Hi, I am working on a GPS Tracking App for Developer. After installing the app and registering an account, the user can access the coordinates from my secure server via all possible programming languages. Here the link to my project website: I would also like...
  15. ChekApp

    iPhone [Free] Chek: Visually track your upcoming tasks; Instantly see days until due

    Hey MacRumors! We have an app that we believe can contribute to the Education & Productivity category Chek is a totally free app that displays upcoming tasks and due dates in a whole new way. Rather than a traditional checklist or calendar style, Chek visually shows how many days until the...
  16. H

    Logging steps - adding to phone data? Best apps?

    Hi all, Got my watch today and love it so far. Slightly gutted that syncsolver no longer works though! Just trying to work out the best way to log steps- I don't like having to click through to the activity watch app to scroll and see steps. I've downloaded pacer and withings. As far as I'm...