unresponsive screen

  1. ipqtr

    iPad Pro Just sold my 12.9 pro (does 11 has touch issues)?

    Dear all, I believe that I have spent enough time on this thread (https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/unresponsive-screen-ipad-pro-12-9-2nd-gen.2121051/) and finally decided to sell my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen due to the touch unresponsiveness issue. I need to get new iPad and planning to get...
  2. ninaco

    iPad Pro 2 Screen Goes Unresponsive

    I have the iPad Pro 2. Lately, I’ve been having an issue where the screen goes unresponsive. When I try to scroll or click on something, nothing happens. It’s an intermittent issue. Most of the time, the iPad responds as expected. It’s extremely frustrating. Heck, even powering down...