update problems

  1. B

    MacUpdater shows 3 copies of the app

    I've just bought MacUpdater app and cannot understand why it shows Android File Transfer App 3 times - two updated and one it wants to update. However when I update and rescan - it shows it again as not updated. Does it mean I have 3 copies of the AFT app? How can I fix that? Thanks a lot !
  2. J

    Can’t update iOS or fully use iTunes as in UAE.

    Grateful if anyone can help with this issue, I have spoken to Apple support and they are stuck. I recently moved to Dubai and since arriving my isp, there’s only one in the country, is preventing my iTunes from playing all of my music as well as blocking iMac from updating iOS etc from the App...
  3. gmac1124

    iMac running Sierra - updating to Mojave

    Using an iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) - Attempted to update to High Sierra earlier this year and the computer got stuck in "can't update... please retry" mode - I had to force it to shut down. I had to erase the computer completely, download the original OS, reinstall the OS ... THEN, update to...
  4. goldstartup

    Update failures 10.13.4-6 - HDD cable strikes again? [mid-2012 MBP]

    Greetings MacRumors! Long time lurker; first time poster. Currently operating a mid-2012 MBP A1278 with OWC 120GB SSD; running 10.13.3. I've been having this problem since January when the 10.13.4 update became available. I downloaded the update as usual and restarted the machine to complete...
  5. R

    High Sierra 10.13.3 won't update after SSD installation.

    Hello, I have recently added an SSD External drive to my Mac Mini (Late 2014). I connected the drive via ThunderBolt II. I used Carbon-Copy to move the OS and data to the drive. I then renamed it and changed the system start-up disk using System Preferences. I moved a lot of the large data...
  6. S

    Please help me with this BUG

    First i downloaded high sierra from App Store and while installing it stuck and after some time kernel panic occurred ,then i searched on the web and gone to internet recovery ,downloaded OS X Marverick and successfully installed and i tried to download high sierra from app store ,so it asked...
  7. Prateek90

    BUG: Installation in Progress. Calculating time remaining (Solved)

    Hi Guys, I finally found a fix for this issue. So after waiting for almost 4 hours I gave up and force closed my Macbook Pro. I restarted it and the mac failed to boot up showing me some kernel commands. Got me really scared as I didn't take any backup of my files. These are the steps I took...
  8. RedFlag

    Prohibitory sign after Sierra update, unmountable partition

    Hello. Yesterday I decided to update to Sierra from El Capitan on both the disks on my Macbook Pro (mid 2012); the update on my SSD went without a hitch so I decided I'd update my other disk, too. I downloaded the .app and the installation started as normal; once it got to the point where I'd...
  9. L

    Problem updating Mac so Ipad won't connect? Is my Mac too old?

    Please Help...I have had this problem for nearly a year I need my Mac book Pro 7.1 with Mac OS X 10.6.8 To talk to my ipad version 10.2.1 (14D27) For ages I couldn't figure out why my ipad stopped connecting to itunes on my Mac......but know i think its because the software on my Mac isn't up...