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  1. R

    Apple Match + Music Questions

    I currently have iTunes Match. I much prefer my own music as I have a lot of obscure music that won't be available on streaming services. Ive got a few Apple HomePods - the sound is great but the interface is awful. Quite often I will ask Siri to turn off my lights/play a song. And she will...
  2. Michelasso

    NFS (and other protocols) too slow via WiFi ac on MBP 13"

    So, let me get straight to the point. This is my setup: Powerline adapters (PLA) from main router to room router. Circa 200Mbps measured. Sony Bravia with Android TV (wired to room router. Capped at 100Mbps) Apple TV 4K (ATV 4K. Wired to room router) MacBook Pro 13" with macOS Sierra (latest...
  3. J

    DLNA servers keep disconnecting

    (I don't know if this is the right subforum for this, so apologies if it's mis-categorised). I've been running PS3MediaServer for a few years to my PS3 and Samsung D6100 TV with no problems, but in the last few weeks its decided to stop working properly and disconnects after about 20 mins of...