1. Internet Enzyme

    Users/Library hidden in Big Sur?

    I was trying to find the true location of my iCloud files, and I found that the "Library" folder in my user directory was missing. I had to go into terminal and use the "open" command to find the folder, and now it appears, albeit greyed out. Does anyone know why this directory is hidden by...
  2. nelsonmarcos

    User disabled after shutdown for lack of energy

    Hi everyone! This happened 3 times: I opened the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)/Mojave, and it was out of batteries. After I connected the power cord and turn it on, the only user available was the administrator. My personal user has just 'disappeared' . So I logged in with the administrator...
  3. JK008

    User Account Problems Before and after Updating from Yosemite to High Sierria

    My hardware is early-2015 Macbook preloaded with Yosemite. I have updated it to High Sierria recently. Here are the problems I'm having: Before Update: For some unknown reason I don't really remember, login screen was problematic: I had to login through two stages: One login prompt for "user1"...
  4. halpin13

    Strange Username Password Error

    Hello all, I am currently having a strange issue with my username and password. I am working on a late 2009 iMac running High Sierra. I wanted to change the username "User" and the password "password". So I went in to the user and groups, unlocked the settings, right clicked advance setting...
  5. ashleykaryl

    Moving user data back to boot drive

    For the last year or so I've been using a 256gig SSD on a PCI card as the boot drive, but kept my 600+ gigs of user files on a much larger internal SATA drive. This has worked well enough, however it's starting to cause difficulties with some apps, since OS X now blocks certain processes viewed...
  6. L

    Location User Picture

    Hey I am trying to find the location of the picture I chose as my User picture under Settings -> Users&Groups. I tried the Library and found some threads for older OS versions but couldn't locate it. Where can I find it?
  7. J

    iOS Firebase Social Media App

    Hi guys, so far in my app using swift and Xcode, I've created Log in, Sign Up and reset password screens Taking a picture and uploading it to firebase and putting all users onto a database onto firebase Now people can send an image to every registered user, how would I go round making a...
  8. B

    Root user cant be disabled

    Hello, I am an inexperienced OS X user, and I started searching about user priviliges for a while just in case for security. And when I found out about root user, I started tinkering about my Macbooks unusual activites such as not waking up from sleep, sometimes running fans at full speed at...
  9. K

    Passwords/Keychain on Guest User

    Hi there I have used the Guest User account on my Mac since I got it, out of convenience and for quick logins. I have forgotten one of the passwords I need for my Virgin Media account. I have it saved in Safari. However, when I try to open my passwords or access them via Keychain, the...
  10. Z

    Hiding files from a second user

    When two people are sharing the same computer and the second person is a guest that will be needing to work only with a few files, is there some way that critical files can be hidden from the second persons reach?
  11. AlexGraphicD

    Problem with drive format

    I am using a shared iMac temporarily until I buy my own sometime in the near future and I when I do buy a new one I wanna wipe the drive and erase all of my personal files and passwords. Right now I am using it under a second admin account cause there is already another admin with his own...
  12. S

    Someone knows a multi user Family Budget App?

    Hi all, I'm Stefano from Rome, Italy :) I'm new in this forum... I'm sorry for my English ;) I'm here because it's a month that I can't find a multi user Family Budget App :( Now I use MoneyWiz2 but I can use it only with one user (SYNCBit) This is an example of the banking accounts that me...